from the first game he played he showed he has skill.
works very hard in defence and is exceptional when it come to hitting the ball up when the forwards are getting set. how ever for him to play he will have to be comfortable on the other side of the field. If this happens i have no doubt he will do a great job, he is a real team player!
Does anyone know whats going on with Ashley Alberts? he is not listed in premier league and i thought he was ready to go.
He has played well. I thought He was the best option too. Then I watched the bunnies game again. Steppa had a great game, and when he missed a tackle he was furious with himself. He is a the better option at this stage of the season
To be honest it's hard to seperate them . They both deserve to stay....but Matai seems Solid as a rock.
Matai does miss tackles - its just that whoever is covering him has made up for it, in 4 games he has missed 13, steppa has 12 misses in 6 games.

Matai has done a good job but since the saints game steppa has been good and really really trying very hard. Been the better of the 2 and is improving.

Matai went missing against the bunnies too.
maybe he needs a few survivor votes to get him over the line
not a bad idea. I dont envy des's position
i think i read alberts is back the following week at the fortress against tagpies, migers, what ever they are ???? :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh:
i think i read alberts is back the following week at the fortress against tagpies, migers, what ever they are ???? :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh:
Steppa was given opportunity last season, albeit in an underperforming side compared to this year, and for mine didn't really show anything spectacular. From what I've seen this season, whilst being solid enough, he hasn't improved markedly. Why not give Matai the nod and give him a chance to step up and play for his spot. There isn't a lot between the pair of them, but I feel that you've got to reward one of them for their efforts and it might be the confidence boost Matai needs to show us something extra.

Plus I want to get on him for first try scorer.
ill all will come down to matai and hill play in the same position and steppa plays on the other side - they will not swap him to an unknown - matai has always been the right centre, Steppa always left.

and C&C steppa played off the bench most of last year - this year is his first real opp, - and being leading metre gainer in the backs cant be going that bad.
didnt steppa swap to Hills position and matai came into hicks position?
No Stepho was definitely left centre in the trials and Tezza was the right centre up until he was injured.

Hicks played right centre this year but played left in the trial before he was injured.
Steppa went to Hoppas wing in the cronulla game after the send off and the injury to hill.

Thats when he played on the other side but he had no one to pass to outside him.

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