Matabele's positives AND negatives


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Matabele's positives AND negatives


The best thing I heard out of the game was Hasler saying that it’s “early days yet� and that there was much room for improvement. Whilst it’s great to be outright leaders after seven rounds there are no prizes for being April Premiers.

There is still a long way to go and every win that we can secure now will be vital as the season reaches the pointy end. Let’s not forget that in recent years the Tigers have made a habit of strong starts to the season only to see a woeful capitulation at the back end deny them a chance to play beyond the first week in September. Hasler is doing the right thing by trying to keep a lid on the joy.

Menzies’ form has been exceptional – possibly the best he has ever played. His defence is inspirational – he pulled off at least a dozen big hits yesterday and there will be many forwards looking to run away from him in the next few weeks.

Blue Arsed has finally discovered what it means to stand level in the defensive line with his team mates and is running the ball with venom. It’s gratifying to hear that he’s putting effort into his football though it does beg the question as to whether we should be asking for some of the money back from the past few seasons where he has been lazy and mediocre.

I’ve been particularly taken with the form of handbag Harris. He started majestically yesterday, pulling off some big hits and hitting the ball up with venom. I was surprised he spent so much time on the bench. Maybe Hasler was keeping him fresh for the Broncos game.

Sitting in the crowd on Friday night’s Test Match it was obvious that Kennedy was not right. Off the ball he was noticeably limping and favouring his left leg so it was no surprise that he did not play against the Bunnies. We didn’t need him and saves him from playing three games in the space of seven days.


King was again pathetic. At times I had to blink to check that Donnelly’s ghost hadn’t invaded Brookvale Oval as King sauntered up to the Souths defensive line or crabbed across field looking for a smaller man to run at. His work was completely lacking in venom and was marked by weak surrender and lack of involvement.

Randall also made a couple of darts out of dummy half that were severely lacking in intent and had ‘powder puff’ written all over them. One of King or Randall must surely be due for a stint back in the Reggies as we can’t afford to be carrying both of them.

Stephenson was also dicey at times. Matai has probably gone past him in terms of the pecking order of our Centres and when Hill is right to play it might be Stephenson getting the chop rather than Matai.

Witt’s ability to bomb is very good and he can tackle a whole lot better than either Walker that has worn the 6 in recent seasons but he is proving to be a liability with ball in hand. Close to the opposition try line he seems to freeze and step back inside consistently when he should be passing to supports and setting up the gaps out wide or putting a grubber through for the repeat set. His indecision will cost us against the better credentialed sides.
Matabele's positives AND negatives


Witt’s ability to bomb is very good and he can tackle a whole lot better than either Walker that has worn the 6 in recent seasons but he is proving to be a liability with ball in hand. Close to the opposition try line he seems to freeze and step back inside consistently when he should be passing to supports and setting up the gaps out wide or putting a grubber through for the repeat set. His indecision will cost us against the better credentialed sides.

And your better option at 5/8 is.......................?
Matabele's positives AND negatives

I'm not advocating Witt be dropped but he probably needs a lash of confidence to get that ball spinning wider in the clutch.

Though I'm told Mullane was our most impressive player in PL by far .....................
Matabele's positives AND negatives

My spies tell me that Jye Mullane had a very positive impact in PL when he came on yesterday.

Food for thought .........

Witt will do me for now!
Matabele's positives AND negatives

Cast your minds back 12 months and one M Monaghan was not exactly setting the world on fire as our half back.

For mine their is a lot of improvement in Witt, as he grows in confidence has our No 6 he may well turn out to be the buy of the year.
Matabele's positives AND negatives

What impressed me yesterday was the kicking game of both our halves. Hardly a ball went straight to the player and they got a heap of distance. Each set themselves up on either side of the ruck and there was variety, with the Bunnies second guessing who it would go to.

Witt was better yesterday - I watched him carefully as someone I respect as a very good judge suggested he was struggling in attack. Thought he went okay. He struggles with not having a strong gap runner outside but some of his long passes are very good. Once he took the wrong option and bombed a try but he also did some very good things. He still plays like a half but he is worth sticking with in my judgement.
Matabele's positives AND negatives

Witt is getting better all the time. I think he's a very good addition to the team.

He wont be going any where.
Matabele's positives AND negatives

wow mata. It really is strange how people watching the same game can have different thoughts.

I gave Dally M Points to both Stephenson and Witt for yesterdays game. Stevo made over 130 metres and he scored a great try. His defence was really good yesterday.

Witt ran the show yesterday as Monas took a seat back. His kicking was excellent. He scored a great try RUNNING at the defence. Hes starting to set into the side nicely.

Randall had a decent game. I felt when he went off we lost our composure a bit. King needs more time. Give him 4-5 games before he starts firing again. Hes been poor but hes only had a few games back.

Tezza and BK back next week. BRING ON THE DRONGOES
Matabele's positives AND negatives

I think if Witt keeps improving, we'll be saying at the end of the season what a good year he has had.

King I thought was alright, he does seem a little nothing though. Randall I also thought was alright, but I prefer Williamson and Dunley as our first choice hookers.
Matabele's positives AND negatives

Another riveting match report from matta, just shows that the further u get away from
the Northern Beaches, Ur jugdement is not any better.Womans Day might be interested
in you. No one said Manly was a team of CHAMPIONS, just a champion TEAM
Matabele's positives AND negatives

:lol: I told him to shave off that little moustash and put his arm down but obviously he hasn't listened.

To be honest, their is a lot of truth in all of that guys and I just hope it doesnt take a lockyer to show us all. I will be very worried if BK is not right to play.
Matabele's positives AND negatives

Hey, if one can't see any positives this year,then a trip down to OPSM
might be a good call. Surely were not Suggesting that we are going to win
much, other than Respect.
Matabele's positives AND negatives

I think Tezza is more important than BK this week. Our centres are going to be attacked all day especially if its Stevo and Matai
Matabele's positives AND negatives

True eagle40. I am adament that Matabele will even that one up some time this week. You must understand that although they sound negative, he is purly suggesting areas we could work on to become an even stronger force. Its not ment as criticism. :D
Matabele's positives AND negatives

Also important to note that a few of us were around in the 80s and 90s when we were the best for certain periods.

We mark hard but we love the club - criticism is meant to be realistic. Dessy himself says he is not getting carried away. A few weeks ago Gasnier ran rings around Stevo and since then he has worked at this aspect of his game. Criticism can be true and also encourage one to higher standards. King and Randall might also fall into this category.

Great to have a forum where we can agree and disagree!
Matabele's positives AND negatives

Totally agree, Flipper.just feel mata would be a lot happier if we were going
backwards. Surely he must feeling pretty good with what he see's,because i'm stoked.
Its only ones oppinion.
Matabele's positives AND negatives

I thought King was poor as well. Then I had a look at the stats,and he had a better game than Kite with the metres made and the tackling wasn't bad either

Maybe we are being too harsh on him
Matabele's positives AND negatives

If Steppa or Randall go back to reggies then Harris should go as well. For the last 12 months he has been a plodder at best. His form makes a mockery of his upgraded contract. He'd better pull his finger out bloody soon.
Matabele's positives AND negatives

I didn't think Harris was that bad on Sunday. Few good hit-ups and offloads. Solid defence. Not bad at all imo.
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