Matabele to shut up

Journey Man
I've come to the realisation that I've become the Janet Albrechtsen of Manly-related prose.

So I'm going to keep my comments on the message boards to a minimum for the next two weeks whilst we lead into the season.

I'm getting tired of being the punching bag of Manly's red-neck fringe and I'm angry that a civil request to the club to get the odd interview with the players has been ignored. Another banning at ME was the last straw.

I have better things to do than to become the token whipping boy for various incompetents everywhere. It takes time, thought and energy to write as I write. For a while I'll use those resources on other things.

[b:2c1a251dbf]Matabele writes occasional columns for The Alternate Eagles:[/b:2c1a251dbf]

After receiving his economics degree from the James Cook University, he moved to Canberra and worked in marketing and promotions in International education.

His love affair with the Manly Sea Eagles began immediately after he saw his first game of Rugby League in 1985.

He is roundly disliked by people that can't string two words together themselves, media dinosaurs with no qualifications, and grumpy old men on welfare that moderate message boards.

None of that troubles him.

You can contact Matabele by email at: [email protected]

[b:2c1a251dbf]Janet Albrechtsen writes a weekly column for The Australian.[/b:2c1a251dbf]

After receiving her law degree from the University of Adelaide, she moved to Sydney and worked as a commercial lawyer.

She has a doctorate in law from the University of Sydney Law School and has taught as an academic.

She is roundly disliked by judicial activists, the human rights industry, old-style feminists and assorted rent-seekers.

None of that troubles her.

You can contact Janet Albrechtsen by email at: [email protected]


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Comp 2021
I know how you feel at least to a lesser degree anyway, as I dont have to put up with the nit picking that you get.
Journey Man
Do we still get to ear bash you ??

Your never going to be liked by the conga line as you are earmarked as an AE ambassador. **** happens.

I have over the last month noticed a decline in aggrevation between some of the different sites stalwarts but a lot of the ME brigade just dont get it.

"It takes time, thought and energy to write as I write. For a while I'll use those resources on other things."

Look ill buy you a time thought and energy revivor when you pop down this year. Everyone writes better after an amber beverage or six.
Premium Member
I think Matabele, it is more of a case of jealousy. Many who criticise your self are bascially illiterate, small minded individuals who are trying to protect their 'turf'.

They believe they are the only true supporters of the Mighty Eagles becasue they wave a big maroon & white flag at the games. If they only realised that there REAL worth to the club is jack ****e and got back into their narrow minded boxes.

I think your contributions are a refreshing change to a normal "Manly is the best even if we come 13th or 14th" articles/posts. A balanced, critical view is essential in any good conversation and/or debate.

Cheers and hope to see you back sometime soon. :wink:
Journey Man
A final comment.

My beef is not so much with supporters of that nature. Each to their own.

What has annoyed me is that I asked for the opportunity to interview players etc. I think most people with a management/marketing background would realise that it doesn't hurt to link the players with the fans as much as possible. The approach was not made with the idea of me being a maverick either. I recognised that it would have to be vetted by the club before it could be put up.

I'm yet to receive a reply (after a week).

So from now on I'll only cast my pearls before the educated AE elite. :wink: I'm sure there are others that can cater to the swine.
Journey Man
Oh yes, and I intend to top the premiership over at the LU Sevens this year just so I can rub some Rocker noses in it.
First Grader
Come back soon Matabele i'm sure many will become increasingly bored by some ppl in ME etc with there "agenda" against yourself and realise that your the real deal.

You're as true a supporter as anyone else I know!
Journey Man
True - i have been banned, although i have a long way to get to your level.

Ive even given it to my mate on their - and on msn - he is completely blind, but i have to love his enthusiasm - goes to the games when there is no one else he knows.
Mata, dont let them get to you mate. Keep doing your thing. Its much appreciated by many and thats what matters. Its only a few at ME contrast to the many that enjoy reading your articles and comments.
Journey Man
ok, well then mata i think your getting a bit upset for an email - i thought they must have sent it on used toilet paper or something.

I mean really did you expect a hand written reply on paper enbosed with the clubs logo??


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Comp 2021
I am sure what was said in both emails was marked private and confidential and it would not be strictly legal for Matas to post it. I will cation against that now.
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