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It states in The Manly Daily that if Manly were to offer him $500k, then he'd HAVE to look at a switch. I cannot fathom how Manly would ever pay a winger $500k. Not even good ol' Wendell was worth that.

I was wonderring what you all thought about him as a player? Fair attacker, weak defender playing in a poor competition at the moment in my opinion.

Would Manly possible think of him as a Lock or Centre? ABSOLUTE waste of money in my opinion.

I'd rather give O'Donnell $300k, and Gallen $200k to jump ship for that price !!!!


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Apparently some would think we already paid $500 k for a centre re:Lyon. Even though he'll end up playing 5/8.

Re: Gerrard, it wont happen and probably isn't worth it.

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Gerrard is likely fishing for more ARU cash. He is a good player and would go well in League. ({Possibly injury prone though)

However why would he give up an international career in which he plays for his country, travels the world on big bucks to then play for Manly?

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However why would he give up an international career in which he plays for his country, travels the world on big bucks to then play for Manly?

Maybe he would like to actually touch the football occassionally without having to kick it, or possibly he might be getting sick of playing on a mud heap at -4 degrees and having 135 kg tongans rucking 12 inches of skin off his back every 2nd weekend. - Just a thought he might even like to challenge himself as a footballer, spending 6 months of the year training up a Coffs Harbour & only playing a handful of games could get a tad boring.


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I agree garts, it is all paper talk so the ARU panic into offering more money, the last thing they would want is another 'star' outisde back deserting the game.


Yeah he is asking too much money. Even Joey is around that much per year give or take 50 k.

I watched world 15 v South Africa the other night. It had Schifcofski (spelling) and Ryan Cross on the right side of the field. Cross had an exception game but I tried but i con't get into the game.


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I would only pay Gerrard max $150k in his first year till he proved himself anyway. $500k is his manager trying to push his aru price up as Wheel said, if he believes he is worth that much in league he is thick!!!!


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Agree with you guys definitely. Trying to inflate his own salary, and to be honest, I'm over the slower, but bigger winger mould in rugby league. That's why I hope Meaney, or Bani step up - also so we can focus on purchasing A grade props / 2nd rowers detailed above (Mark O'Mealy would be nice).


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He is not worth the money!! The only players who can command that sort of money in the game are people like the Johns, Lockyers and Cliff Lyons - players who have a big influence on the score and how the 'team' plays. This guy has done nothing special and never will.

We need another top prop, not another back. Simple equation in football for both codes is that unless you have good forwards, your backs will do jack ****...


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Union players! I remember well big Sammy Harris. The next big thing... fizzled and did nuthin.

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