Manly's Training Facilities

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Manly's Training Facilities

Last month I visited the Manly side in training and checked out their so called "state of the art" training facilities. Until I saw what they were working with I didnt beleive it. With the facilities in which our club has, we should be right in the running to keep up our form for the whole season and finsh minor premiers. They have facilites such as pool, gym athletics track, and numerous fitness testing equipment. You just have to give the Manly club a huge wrap. :clap:


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Manly's Training Facilities

Yep it's well known Manly have the best training facilities now.

Well done to the club for stitching it up.


UFO Hunter
Manly's Training Facilities

Didn't they secure the grounds for something like 10 years?


Journey Man
Manly's Training Facilities

i think it was for a long time not sure how long.

After a major move you would expect them to settle there for a while


Kim Jong Dan
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Manly's Training Facilities

from memory i thought it was 7 years but then again i dont remember what I had for lunch on monday.

Canteen Worker

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Manly's Training Facilities

The training grounds are in the middle of no where
What's your point?? Depends where you live to what you call no-where!!

Are you contradicting your original post for this thread, which was contradictory anyway?


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Manly's Training Facilities

I meant in the middle of no where as in its surrounded by bushland. I no its near houses and stuff but the surrounding are nothing besides bush.
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