Manly's Best Ever Lock

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Manly's Best Ever Lock

With the 60th Dinner coming up soon the dream team will be named.

We need to vote on lock:

Who else should be nominated?

I pick Mal Reilly, Nik Kosef and Fatty Vautin as three of the all time greats. Apart from them who else would you choose???

BK maybe, even though it is only two seasons?
Manly's Best Ever Lock

If Kosef hadn't had 4 knee reco's i reckon he would've been a shoe in here
Manly's Best Ever Lock

Greg Florimo. Nah, kidding. I would have to say N. Kosef. Skill, skill, skill....
Manly's Best Ever Lock

You guys are obviously too young to remember Malcolm Reilly - goes down as one of the best ever locks in history. He changed the way the game was played - with chip kicks, miracle offloads, and yet he was tougher than nails, creative, fast and a superb defender.

Mind you I agree that Kosef was going to be one of the greats of the game (and certainly in the Beaver class) had his knees not be so dicky.
Manly's Best Ever Lock


and may be Ian Martin - although a 5/8 he did play a lot of lock forward in his career
Manly's Best Ever Lock

If only the youngsters here had seen Mal Reilly play, skilful, aggressive and a great kicking game when no one knew what a kicking game was.

For me Reilly first, but if BK had a played a few more seasons then maybe I could be swayed his way.
Manly's Best Ever Lock

BK. He's revived the club and is a top player.

I'd be interested to know how many years all the other selected players in the position played for the club.
Manly's Best Ever Lock

I think BK will get a start in the team on Aug 5th.

Corso Pete - are you goign to the night?
Manly's Best Ever Lock

I am one that is too young to have seen Mal Reilly... and i actually agree with Mata and Disco.. Nik Kosef i regard as one of my all time favourite player... very very skillful back rower

He would probably get my vote... but i don't expect him to win it!
Manly's Best Ever Lock

Corso Pete - are you goign to the night?

Nope. I like watching footballers play on the field, off the field they are their own people and I don't see me as part of that. With the exception of one I find their attempts at being "friendly and sincere" simply being the professional that they are.

Not my idea of an entertaining evening I am afraid, but then again I am not true supporter either.
Manly's Best Ever Lock

That is a shame I am, therefore I must be a real True Supporter
Manly's Best Ever Lock

That is a shame I am, therefore I must be a real True Supporter

That you are Wheel, that you are. I pale into insignifigance when compared to your goodself.

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