Manly's Attack

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Manly's Attack

A lot has been said about our defence this year and justifiably so - it is very improved. (It needed to and well done to Des and the boys for making it happen.)

Our metre game is also improved.

What I have noted though is that all our tries bar the turnover against the Warriors have been scored from plays in the opposition 22. It appears to me that we are not as much of a long distance threat and that our backs are still not combining effectively as yet.

It seems to me that with the potential and speed of Stewart and Donald plus the wide running ability of Menzies and Watmough we should be much more potent.
Manly's Attack

It's a good sign. Our attack hasn't clicked fully yet, but still we are 3-0. I agree there is alot more to improve re: attack.
Manly's Attack

I think it is due to the game plan - our attack is aimed up the middle in order to tire out the opposition forwards.

As for the comment we have improved our metres - well actually we are one of the bottom few in terms of metres gained. We just make the count - again up the middle.

For example i think Rhys wesser has made more metres than our entire backline added together.
Manly's Attack

My point remains that we seem to spend a lot of time in opposition 22s. We don't seem to have trouble getting the ball to over the fifty in a set, whereas last year this seemed a problem.

Another surprising change is that we are not leaking stupid penalties. Like him or not, with no Hoppa this is sure to improve!
Manly's Attack

In other seasons, I have been dissapointed with our lack of scoring on the oppositions line. Now to be scoring there more often is great. It is probably also down to the forwards getting us much closer to the line to score from.
Manly's Attack

Also Monas is one of the most dangerous runners near the line - scored a few last year from close by and has a few already this year
Manly's Attack

We have good defence now.....and can only improve in attack. Could be an interesting year
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