Post-Game Discussion Manly v Storm [Round 7, 2023]

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Game Information

Sea Eagles
18 4 Pines Park
14 Apr 2023 20:00
78:07 minute

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Really pleased with the win but on reflection, our attack was very clunky. Back in 2021 we’d have Turbo sweeping out the back, attracting attention. The multiple options this created was why, he along with Garrick and Saab all had over 20 tries each. Then there were the switch back/inside balls thru the centre of the ruck. I know it’s a different coaching group but where is that stuff?
Perhaps much of the attack is based around Schuster? Looking forward to hopefully having him back next week 🤞
I think the issue with attack was our forwards had the edge over the Melb forwards, but realistically our backline was a B grade makeshift group making it very hard to have backline attack. The centers weren't our best, the wingers the same. The guys that played would not have trained that much together so clunky would be expected.


I wasn’t able to watch the game live so watched the full replay yesterday (I LOOOVE watching replays of the Mighty Eagles beating the Storm, my 2008 season box set gets brought out once a year to relive the glory of the 40-0 drubbing we handed them) 😂

What a fantastic game, our boys were fired up & belted the Storm & maintained the intensity for the full 80 minutes, even when down a man for 10.

How good was our defence in that set where Ola & Aloia crunched Olam? The nine commentators went “Oh! OH! OHHHH! WOAH! WAAAAARRRGGHHH” for the 5 tackles.

I thought Vaega played really well, apart from his lapse of discipline with the shoulder charge, but it was great to see the starch in defence he provided.

IMO, Bully’s try was legit - Woods was facing our tryline when he tried to strip the ball out & it came out of Hughes’ grip backwards towards the Storm’s tryline so I couldn’t see a knock on there - but Woods’ try wasn’t - it was clear that Hughes deliberately put downward pressure on the ball with the back of his hand when he missed picking it up.

All up, great effort & intensity by the team & hopefully they can do it every game from now on.


I meant to type that listening to Gordon Tallis at halftime he said - about the tackle on Olam -

"Olam wins the collision 10 times out of 10.... but he didn't that time."
Andrew Johns kept saying “I’ve never seen anyone FOLD Olam like that…”

Olam was pretty quiet after that, I find it really interesting these guys who are renowned for being tough, hard runners & hitters can’t seem to take what they dish out & go into their shells when someone gives them a taste of their own medicine.

Witness Parker pwning Sivo a couple of years ago & anytime someone puts a half decent hit on him, he goes all pouty & sooky.


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Top 10 things that stood out for me:
Great time and effort in your long post that was interesting reading that adds to our forum feathered friend . Good Job !!!

I was happy with that win against the storm as we showed more hunger and will to win than our opposition .

We wanted the game more than them and Bellamy was also disappointed with his teams out put
Never the less is was a game where we had to stand up and redeem our selves from our past weeks of disappointment and we earned respect and credibility

Conclusion ...
Come finals time those 10 things that stood out for you will stand out more clear as consistency is the clear definitions of champions and a Champion team

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