Pre-Game Manly v Roosters [Round 2, 2024]

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17 Mar 2024 04:05 PM

Team Lists

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Manly v Roosters [Round 2, 2024]


Sunday 17 March 2024

.... 4 Pines Park, Brookvale, NSW

Ken Arthurson Entry Gates Open:.... 11:45am (AEDT).

Pine Avenue and North Gates Open:.... 2:30pm (AEDT).

Jersey Flegg Kick Off Time:.... Manly Warringah Sea Eagles v Sydney Roosters: 12:00pm (AEDT).

NSW Cup Kick Off Time:.... Blacktown Workers Sea Eagles v Sydney Roosters: 1:45pm (AEDT).

NRL Kick Off Time:.... Manly Warringah Sea Eagles v Sydney Roosters: 4:05pm (AEDT).


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Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles

01. Tom Trbojevic
02. Tommy Talau
03. Tolutau Koula
04. Reuben Garrick
05. Jaxson Paulo
06. Luke Brooks
07. Daly Cherry-Evans (C)

08. Taniela Paseka
09. Lachlan Croker
10. Josh Aloiai
11. Haumole Olakau'atu
12. Ben Trbojevic
13. Jake Trbojevic

14. Karl Lawton
15. Corey Waddell
16. Ethan Bullemor
17. Nathan Brown


18. Jake Arthur.


20. Aaron Woods - Development Player.


19. Raymond Tuaimalo Vaega
21. Brad Parker
22. Jamie Humphreys.

Available But Not Selected:
  • 23. Gordon Chan Kum Tong
  • Dean Matterson
  • Josh Schuster
  • Zac Fulton
  • Ben Condon
  • Aitasi James - Development Player
  • Bailey Hodgson - Development Player
  • Dean Matterson - Development Player.

From the 'NRL Casualty Ward - All the Latest Injury News, Updates & Returns Details' web page, Here is the Latest NRL Injured or Unavailable Update:

* * * (Updated: Tuesday, 12 Mar 2024) * * *

The Sea Eagles have confirmed winger Jason Saab is set to miss six weeks with a high-grade hamstring injury suffered in that same game.

Manly forward Josh Schuster has overcome the calf injury that kept him out of the Pre-Season Challenge and Round 1 and will make his return via the NSW Cup this week.

Manly Sea Eagles
  • Karl Lawton (Ankle, Round 2)
  • Josh Schuster (Calf, Round 2)
  • Toafofoa Sipley (Suspended, Round 4)
  • Matthew Lodge(Knee, Round 6-8)
  • Jason Saab (Hamstring, Round 7)

Also, from the NRL Casualty Ward, Manly hub page, there are slight variations to the information regarding the unavailable or injured players and their return periods:

  • Karl Lawton (Ankle, Round 2)
  • Josh Schuster (Calf, Round 2)
  • Matthew Lodge(Knee, Round 5)
  • Jason Saab (Hamstring, Round 7)

Was a stupid thing to say, if it sticks his definitely gone. Sad part they have plenty of depth and won’t miss him. Unbelievable forward depth actually.
The thing is this will be JWH final year so he will going out all guns blazing for his farewell tour and you can bet he will target Brown and Robinson will be pleading leniency for JWH if he does anything dirty saying ,give him a break, its his last year so yes it will be a huge game for Brown


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I think we are in with a good chance of beating these scumbags (sorry, Chooks / Eels my most hated teams). As for a reshuffle in the backline, for me:

01. Tom Trbojevic
02. Reuben Garrick
03. Tommy Talau
04. Tolu Koula
05. Jaxson Paulo
06. Luke Brooks
07. DCE

Hope we come with that same intensity, passion, heart and energy, as we did against the bunnies.

Mark from Brisbane

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Was always going to be the case Mark, it's at saturation point on all the breaky shows this morning. Certainly heard a lot worse tbh.
Yes but they are so “ touchy touchy “ about anything racial these days , so really you can’t say anything otherwise you’re in deep do do

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It’s a dumb dumb thing to say. Playing for a new club who have paid big dollars just to see him sitting on the side line. In my view he’ll get 3 weeks.


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Vaega and Paulo up against Dom Young and Suualli… they’ll be bombing our wings all day.

That’s where we could lose it, I think we’re competitive everywhere else on the park.


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Saw this on Facebook, Karl Lawton in Moonboot . Hopefully just a precaution ?!


Massive game and a big test for us. Roosters definitely look like they are not messing around this year and are actually going to try to live up to the stacked roster they have. Need a packed-out Brooky to get us over. With Saab most likely out (hopefully for not too long) I'm pretty sure Seibs is leaning toward Vaega on that wing as he mentioned him first in the presser as the likely replacement. Roosters will target our edges, especially with kicks with the height they'll have over our backs. Dom Young will be back and he carved us up last year at Mudgee. Defence has got to be much better than yesterday. Going to be a big one.


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@Jethro note the header for this thread says the game is at Leichhardt Oval on 12 March, and similarly the Game Day thread.

As always, many thanks for the games' threads and all the details you always provide in them are much appreciated.
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