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Game Day: Manly v Raiders [Round 13, 2016]


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May 6, 2011
The cancer needs to be cut out. If we have to sink a little lower for that to happen then so be it. Hopefully we can avoid the spoon at least.


Kim Jong Dan
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2018 Tipping Competitor
2019 Tipping Competitor
Jul 15, 2004
this is our CEO??? he cant speak, he repeats himself, has no confidence and the best part is he cant even say match fixing, go to 6.11minute mark and listen to this doormat say Max Fiching....what a clown
Name the ceo's of all the other clubs and show me their awesome press conferences


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Oct 8, 2011

Looks like another long season boys and girls.

Though I reckon we shouldn't put away the supporters flags just yet.

Players are human too and would like to know we are behind them.

I realise some of you don't like some players.....maybe wave your manly flag just a little bit harder at the ones you like then.

But, each to their own.


Terry Zarsoff

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Jun 19, 2013
If the penalty shot had been taken before halftime we could have been looking at a very different result. That seems to have been lost in all the highly emotive verbal bloodletting.

Take out the 15 minutes after halftime and it wasn't as diabolical as people are intimating. Not many teams will look in control when both halves retire injured.

And can I say this: you do not 'loose' games! You 'lose' a game. Two completely different words with very different meanings. They even sound different when spoken. How did it come to this?

And as for apostrophes (and their rampant misuse), do not get me started!:)


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Feb 25, 2015
Quote from commentary side

"They're not giving in"

That's what I want, yes they were crap for a decent period - some would argue losing 4 players for the match could do that, others place an unrealistic or even delusional expectation on the team. I still know who I support
Stop making excuses. This is not a good team and it is not well coached.


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Aug 4, 2010
So it's not just a bad dream, putting $200 on Manly to win 1-12 just before kickoff now seems less of a shrewd move than it did in my alcohol fuelled euphoria.


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May 28, 2010
Presser link:
2:40 We are a Community Based Organization @:mad:

I choked on the cornflakes when I heard this and had to replay it just in case I imagined it.

The sustained, relentless ridicule and outright attacks on the Football Club are all from the majority Owners.
Now that the shyte has hit the fan, they acknowledge the community asset that they have hijacked since gaining control:cool:

The 70 year history belongs to the community organization that is the Manly Warringah District Rugby Football Club.

The Life Membership of the players who have built this Club, has now been replaced by the contrived Franchise Life Membership, according to the Owners :mad:

It was good to have the CEO take the initiative to front the Media.
But his delivery was disappointing and lacked conviction that Manly run a tight ship.
Huge oversight in not addressing the 13,000 paying Members, of Manly's concern for our support :wondering:


Grizzly old fart
Aug 6, 2012
I know its sad to see our team lingering near the bottom of the comp, but as I said this is transitional. We've gone through the good and the bad since 1947. We've had lows starting in '64, '85, '89 and during the Super League war until 2005. And we've come back each time.

What needs to be remembered is that though we might not like the Penns involvement in our game, they have the money that is keeping us alive. And they arent a Johnny Come Lately group. They've been involved as major sponsors since 2002 and that means they were there during Manly's great years from 2005-14.

Trouble is we have got used to winning with a group of very talented players and we've fought tooth and nail to hold onto them. But the time has come for that group to move on and for Manly to start to rebuild. We have some talented kids like the Trbojevic lads, Walker, DCE, Parcell, Taupau and perhaps Knight and one or two other youngsters. But the team we have at present is not in the same class as what we've had in the past and we dont like it. Add to that an horrendous injury problem since the beginning of 2015, a rookie coach, and some people in charge who too late got Fulton in to try to stop the rot.

Its a low period, but there's potential there. Recruitment of some YOUNG talent is imperative and with Lyon's retirement and with Stewart likely to follow...and maybe Matai, that's a lot of free salary space. 2017 wont see us win a premiership I believe, but I can still the sea eagle again start to rise like a phoenix as it has done several times in the past. We'll be back.


May 31, 2015
Have a look at Stewarts stats and compare them to toms.
Stewart must of only been on the field for ten minutes


Well-Known Member
Aug 16, 2013
Have a look at Stewarts stats and compare them to toms.
Stewart must of only been on the field for ten minutes
Take a look at their stats for the whole of this season and it paints the same picture.

Brett Stewart:
Played - 7
Tries - 1
Try Assists - 3
Runs - 65 (8.1 per game)
Metres - 408 (58.2 per game)
Line Breaks - 0
Line Break Assists - 1
Tackles - 29 (3.6 per game)
Missed tackles - 11 (1.4 per game)
Errors - 7

Tom Trbojevic:
Played - 11
Tries - 4
Try Assists - 5
Runs - 180 (16.4 per game)
Metres - 1792 (162.9 per game)
Line Breaks - 5
Line Break Assists - 3
Tackles - 74 (6.7 per game)
Missed tackles - 8 (0.7 per game)
Errors - 15

Tom is leading the team in runs (Jake is 2nd with 150), metres gained (again, Jake is 2nd with 1236), tries scored (Taupau, Killer, Walker and Jorge have 3 each), try assists (DCE is 2nd with 4), line breaks (Jake is 2nd with 3), line break assists (7 players have 2), and errors (Killer and Jorge have 10 each).

The only categories that Snake is even in our top 5 statistically are errors (5th), kicks (5th) and kick return metres (4th - Tom is 2nd behind Vave).
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wedgetail eagle

Well-Known Member
Sep 10, 2012
this is our CEO??? he cant speak, he repeats himself, has no confidence and the best part is he cant even say match fixing, go to 6.11minute mark and listen to this doormat say Max Fiching....what a clown
Hmmm....maybe it was a hidden message & the police should speak to Max Fiching.


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May 28, 2010
This afternoon's @IntrustSuperPrm match at Brookvale Oval has been postponed due to the weather.

Peter C

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Sep 15, 2010
I was so exited at the start of the year with the roster that was assembled,now halfway through the season and I'm a shattered fan like most of you guys,watching that game tonight was gut wretching,when cherry scored I thought ok we're on here this could turn how season round,but then for the,Next 20 min we just weren't up to it,they looked bigger and quicker,I hate to say this but we cannot compete with the team that's out on the park at the moment,unless something changes soon ,and I mean in the culture in this great club,I'm saddened to say we're going to be languishing on the bottom of the ladder for many years to come,I was angry like most of you guys when dressie left in the matter that he did,but I'm man enough to say that the club must do everything in its power to get him back,I don't care how they do it ,he's manly through and through,he would get this team straight to the top without a dought,I've had my say many of you wont agree,but let's face the facts were a sinking ship at the moment and the only way we stay afloat is to get des back.
I was excited by the signing of Walker, Tapau, to a lesser degree by Parcell and Korosau, but the signings of Brown, Lussick and Myles left me cold, although I can understand why Barrett brought Brown over, just like Cleary took him to Penrith, he's no star but he gives it 100% and has utility value.

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