Post-Game Discussion Manly v Eels [Round 3, 2023]

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Sea Eagles
34 4 Pines Park
16 Mar 2023 20:00
80:00 minute

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On a side note turbo needs to stop falling for the dummy and make his tackles when he is the last man!
He's got a split second to decide whether to go for the man with the ball or not. You can only be expected to make the right decision half of the time. It's as much the decision of the attacking player as the defending player
Having just got home from the game, I have to say it was unusually very hot there. The heat was oppressive watching it, let alone playing in it, so the players deserve to be cut some slack.

We slackened off when it got to 14-0 imo due to the heat, which lead to fatigue, which lead to errors and allowed the eels to come back several times. I thought Croker didn't handle the heat well at all and should've been given a spell much earlier than he was.

It was also strange to see Schu, Haumole and others suffering leg cramps, which happened in round 1 too. I thought cramps were common in the cold but not in the heat (but how would I know)!
As soon as we look fatigued our defence falls apart. Been our them le.for a while that we can't defend when momentum is against us. Remembering Parra dropped bucket loads of ball tonight we've still let in 30.

Positive side the attack is very impressive.... are we in for a roller coaster year of " you score one,we score one " 30.point shoot outs ??

Yikes that was stressful.
LOL too many beers for much sense this evening but Take That SqEels and how sweet it is, 1EyedEel is practically in tears well let me know if it feels better when you are 0-5! I will have to join that forum just to troll them. Speaking of which where is that @GuthosInbredCousin-brother when I need him? Hmm that might be my 1EYEDEEL login....
The team stats for the whole match have the Eels ahead in all areas except the score. We dominated the first half stats, but they dominated the second half to a larger degree.

Looking over those stats just reminded me of how much of a machine Jake is. You expect he will top the tackle count, but just for good measure he ran 118 metres, compared to Tommies 127 metres. Prop v Fullback.
I feel bad now I didn’t fit him in my MVP 3.🤯
This may have been mentioned already, but how come in those oppressive weather conditions, was there not the 20 minute drinks break. Are they only allowed in daytime games? Surely there needs to be some flexibility for times like last night. I lost count of players going down with cramp.
Looking at this perspectively, we don't start seasons off well normally, here we are pretty much 3-0 and top of the table. It's great signs and we've definitely put all that 2022 bs behind us which is good. We are going to play finals this year, I'm sure of it.

But with that said, tonight's game showed we still got a lot to work on. It's obvious watching our first 2 games that Seibs and team have made it a priority for us to be dominant in physicality and contact especially in defence. It's what has been a standout in both games, we've been brutal in our hits. I think though tonight, the intensity we mustered for the game wore us off in patches where we let in very soft tries on our goal line. We need to find a way to maintain this hard-hitting intense physicality for the whole game and still keep focuses and on point and not get lazy. Because that's what happened tonight. At 14-0 or even 28-16, we should've really put the nails in the coffin if we are serious. Long way to go but happy with the two points.
Our attack is humming also and it's on the back of Schuster. Another whole dimension is added with him. The space he creates for Turbo is too much for opposition defenders. And this electric attack is only going to keep getting better as the season goes so very excited. We just looked likely every time we were down there. And I'm gonna say this again and keep saying this until it happen but just imagine the strike of these players, Turbo, Schu, DCE, with a fast zippy 9 that offers more in attack that can take us to the next level. It's what we need. Croker was slow and sloppy. GCKT takes us to a team that can genuinely contend for a title.


Awesome win! But please don't give me too many more finishes like that!

It's a win and obviously it's great to beat the eels but the finish was reminiscent of some of last years capitulations, so just glad we came out on top


I remember one year where we finished second last and no matter the lead I was always worried that
the come-back was on. It usually was. Ugh, what a (Barrett) year.

So I'll enjoy the 2 points against Parra in any way, shape or form.

Following the Canucks this season (NHL) - I've never seen a hockey team lose more games with multi-point leads....

So win > loss
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Strutting into work on a Friday after a Manly win feels GOOD!
Our D was brutal at times, my biggest worry before the game was Tui, our first 20 mins was awesome, our right side was sliding well to make sure Tui wasn’t exposed, that dropped away in the second half.

Interesting, Parra made 5 early errors and gave away 3 penalties (I think) we able to capitalise on that in the first 20, then we made 4 errors down our own end (2 were Frogs) and gave a cheap penalty away to reverse the second 20 and undo all the good work, possession is everything, Parra grabbed their opportunity and punished us (On the scoreboard anyway).

Froggy was gassed early, his run out of DH was good to see, but through shear fatigue, he botched the play the ball, I think Weekes should of been used in the first half, around about that moment, (hindsight is a wonderful thing) Weekes lifted our tempo in the second half and did a pretty good job. I want us playing with 2 9’s, given Gordie’s not there yet, perhaps Weekes needs to play some first half minutes, that would of made a big difference last night.

Anyway how good, in the end we get the W and thats what matters the most, we would of lost that game last year, there‘s still plenty to work on, our attack is stacked and will only improve, our D needs lots of work, where off to a good start and it feels so good to kick off a season positively, can’t ask for much more. We face a bit of an acid test next week, I’ll just enjoy this for a while, before I start thinking about that.
Agree with the first point. No way do I see that eels team top 4 this year tho. Quite likely they will be 0-5 . Imo score line flattered them tonight. If I played wing tonight instead of Tui we would have won comfortable. Lol
I’m still counting it as a win over a top 4 side, they were in the GF.
If Moses had been doing his kicking training we don't win that one. We let in two try just way too easy when the game was in the balance. Take the win, and move on in round 3. Accepting there is plenty to work on in defence.
Alternatively, if Garrick hadn’t missed two conversions - we still would have won - even if the Commandments’ Man had been on song.

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