Manly shop at Warriewood


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I was wondering if anyone had been to the new Manly store at Warriewood yet.Is it a whole store of Manly merchandise,or just a little corner of another store? Are there any good bargains? I live in the Parramatta area,so i dont want to travel all the way over to the northern beaches if there isnt much in the new shop.


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Warriewood Square is my local shopping centre , but I can't recall seeing a Manly shop anywhere there. I was down there on the weekend and did see Manly players sitting at a table outside Kmart signing 2006 merchandise that was on sale at reduced prices.

On Saturday , I saw Kingy & Brett Stewart and some others & on Sunday there was Williamson , Monaghan , Glenn Stewart and some others I didn't recognise.

The players weren't exactly being swamped for autographs. Perhaps the Club could have shown some initiative and placed an ad/notice in the Manly Daily to generate some interest. Asking too much perhaps????


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Hi Craig - long time no hear mate !!!
I "think" they had something on their website - but there are so many sales pitches - it gets a little confusing.


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Chuckwood,going by the official MSE website,there is supposed to be a Manly merchandise shop at Warriewood Centro near KMart,but if you didnt see it,it must be a tiny little store out of the way somewhere.
I live near Peter Wynn's store so i can get a lot of Manly stuff there,but i would rather give my money to the club,so i hope to hear some good things about the new store at Warriewood.

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To be honest if you were going to opne a shop on the Peninula Warringah Mall is the onlt option but I guess the rent would make it prohibitive.

Agree there wasn't much fanfare in the local paper, if you hadn/t looked at MSE you wouldn't even know it was open.


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You would think the Daily would be happy to do a story on such a thing.

Whats the marketing admin doing?


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You would think the Daily would be happy to do a story on such a thing.

Whats the marketing admin doing?

wading through matas and our constant complaints?

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