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Journey Man
It amazes me that when honesty is spoken, it is deleted by anybody who feels they have the power. Freedom of speech my friends. That's all I can say. We are labelled "the competitor", but DAMN, why wouldn't we be a tough competitor when you can have an honest say about something, and a debate about it to boot, without fear of utter deletion.


UFO Hunter
Feel free to post what was deleted here Rhino. Dont hold back mate you know we want to hear it.


Journey Man
Just some crap about Manly putting all their eggs in one basket. That basket means we let Matai, Randall & co. go, but that basket may NOT come off, meaning Manly have gone backwards, considerring Donald & co. are gone already. We should be making plays at The Braiths etc. Orford & Bell could really stuff us up with there lag tactics. I know it is an important decision for the two, but the waiting means the lines are thinning. Imagine last minute they say, nope, staying with Melbourne.

Maybe we could bring back Scott Fulton...He MAY be left.


UFO Hunter
Agreed mate. Not quite sure why that would have been removed.

Im with you. I commented earlier today that we can't release the current "depth" we have, (if you would call it depth) and just hope to god that both Orford and Bell sign with us.

Imagine what will happen next year if we don't get them. Monaghan and witt both go down through injury or suspension. We then lose a centre, replaced by.. oh thats right, the released Stephenson and Matai. We could throw Mullane into centres.. but he's playing half or 5/8. Not to mention we havn't found a Scott replacement yet.


First Grader
if we did sign Matai and Randall that obviously takes up some of the cap,this would obviously reduce the offers we can make to orford and bell. then we would all be whinging that we missed out on these 2 becuase we did not get rid of some of the current players.

a gamble must be taken, I sure hope it comes off. we cant sign all our current players and make bids for players the calibre of Orford without doing this. pretty simple really.


First Grader
true Ryan but then all of us would be bitching and moaning we signed no new talent as we could not afford too.

for me the gamble is worth it, and we also have no choice if we wish to improve. I want to improve.


Journey Man
its a gamble, but one we need to take. We need another centre, Karl johnson and taylor/peachey will provide some depth if we lose matai/steppa. Dont forget lennon should be back next year, and can handle himself allright as depth.

I wouldnt be worried about randall with dunley here and ballin in PL we have plenty of depth at hooker.


lets face it, if we dont get Orford or bell, those other blokes, 1 will most likely not be signed up yet anyway ( remember Donald last year while waiting for Tahu and co)


2, wont be that hard to replace with equal abilty anyway. looks like Dunners is signing now and lets face it a winger is just a winger!

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