Manly gear--on the lookout

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If you find any Manly gear post under here what you saw, how much it costs and what shop.

I went to Peter Wynn score and picked up a

2005 hat $24 (it has looks a lot better than previous hats a new fabric as well)

2005 Polo shirt. $55 , it's made from that polyester material but it seems more comfortable than last years Polo's. It's Maroon has the Dairy farmers and Delmege logo's on it. They also have it in the white with maroon sleeves.

Of special interest I saw a reverse of last years '87 replica in cotton material for $119- it is white with moroon hoops with the Delmege and Dairy farmers logos on them. It looks really good it's like the '83 white jersey.
Some good pick ups there Byso . I heard on 2ky yesterday that Peter Wynns Sports Store was currently having a sale of 2004 stock , before next seasons gear arrives. I plan on getting up to the Rugby League Warehouse in Darlinghurst in the next few days . They always seem to have some good stuff . One question , why is it , that polo shirts are always so expensive ?
Rebel Sports in Belconnen (Canberra) had a lot of the new jersey in stock but were selling it for $145. No big bargains there I'm afraid.

Lots of Raiders rubbish going cheap though.
Peter Wynns Score is very good and theres plenty of Manly gear.

Theres also 2005 training shirts there as well. Classic seems to be doing a great job with retro's etc.
I paid 160 for my 03-04 Jersey from Amart Allsports, only to go on sale a week later at 120!!! Im waiting for the sale this year and you can usually get them from the low 100's
I can't tell you that. What am I, a bloody phsycic???? You just have to wait for them to come up. Otherwise you will expect to pay at least 150! Id rather wait that for out another 30 or 40.
To be honest you wont find it cheaper than $140 in a shop untill late 05 season.

Go to PW score Flufster and open your wallet. Make sure you dont pay more than $140- they have $150 on it.

I always ask for a cheaper price and get it. I bought $80- worth of gear for $70 yesterday just cause I wanted a cheaper price.

I've bought retro's for $120 which had $140 on 'em.
I have a 1999 FAI retro jersey that I would like to swap or sell. I was given it for Xmas but its like a dress on me. I would like a 2005 jersey in small mens or a womens one.
Nice work Byso. I'm flat broke at the moment...really..I am

My 2005 wishlist -

The white "Training jersey", which is a reverse of the maroon 87 one.
87 jersey
2005 alternate jersey
folding chair
maybe the new polo!
I might wait and see how the 05 jersey looks on the field before forking out and bucks. Looks a bit dodgy at the moment but when propory used it may be a great strip.
Didn't Peters say it was the new Alternate Jersey? Im pretty sure he did.

Theres no way they can make it their primary as they need at 18 month application to change a strip. As far as Im aware, its rumored to have an application for the home strip to be changed in 07'
It is officially the primary jersey but i thik it was zorba who said it will be the primary jersey worn.
No, its not he primary jersey. Your wrong fluffy. We aren't allowed to change it yet. Ill show you.
Nope can't find it. Too hard. Their is that rule and zorba pointed out that we can't change the homw jersey because of it.

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