Manly Daily story about Mitch Creary

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Manly's working class hero

AS his teammates slept in yesterday following a big night of celebrations, Manly winger Mitch Creary was in a suit and tie sitting in a sales meeting at Silverwater.

Creary, who scored a try and pulled off a massive hit during a terrific one-off performance against the Panthers, is a throwback to the days when league players worked regular jobs around football.

The father of three young children is a hotel sales executive with Ainsworth poker machines.

His patch is the northern area of Sydney, visiting pubs and clubs from Manly to Windsor and fitting in training sessions with either the Sea Eagles' NRL or Premier League squads around his work day.

At the end of a long day it's home to help out wife Alexis with the kids Duke (three), Brock (two) and Taia (six months).

If it sounds exhausting it is. And it's the reason Creary retired at the beginning of the season.

"We had a new baby in January, there were two other kids and we were renovating the house," he explained.

"I was going to play rugby for Manly but they train at night and that's the crazy time at home.

"I was retired but Des (Hasler) and Tooves (Premier League coach Geoff Toovey) started talking to me about playing again.

"I started back in round three playing for basic match payments."

Toovey, a chartered accountant by profession, was one of the few players in his era to hold down both a job and a football career.

The former Manly skipper urged Hasler to use Creary on Sunday, knowing the powerful winger had both the temperament and ability to get the job done.

Creary did better than that. His performance in the incredible comeback win over Penrith was that strong he was in line for Dally M points.

"It was a big buzz to get the call-up and run out there in front of 15,000 people at Brookie, but I didn't just want to be a fill in," he said.

"I wasn't going to be anyone's excuse. I didn't want people saying 'of course Manly lost, they had four players out'."

Count them. No Bell, no Menzies, no Stewart, no Watmough.

In their place were names like Creary, Glenn Stewart, Paul Stephenson and Luke Williamson.

"You have a look at the blokes sitting on the sideline, they're four of our best players, so the blokes who filled in deserve a massive rap," skipper Ben Kennedy said.

"It was up to them to not just fill a hole but to come up and make a difference and I think they all did.

"It just shows that the club is really heading in the right direction and our depth is exceptional. It was a very pleasing win from all aspects."

Hasler rated it one of the best wins in the club's 60-year history - not that Creary had much time to reflect on his role in it.

"I had a few beers at the leagues club and Glenn Stewart was trying to get me back for a midnight poker game, but I knew I had to be at Silverwater at 8am," he laughed.

"They're probably all still sleeping in but I'm not jealous. That's just the way it is

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


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I was happy that he was selected when I found out. He always puts a top effort in.

Well done!


He may not be the most gifted footballer but at least he has always put in 100% effort each time he plays which is more then we can say about a certain front rower..
Do you think that performance has put him ahead of Stephenson in the pecking order. I think he offers more in aggression than Steppa but hard to say after a one off effort.


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He sounds like a great bloke....great story on a bloke who had a great game....Good onya!!!!!!!!!! Good to read a good story instead of the usual dribble we get from the paper and club!


I thought, judging from this game he had more flair than steppa. I would be tempted to give him another few games and see how he goes.


You see the critical point here is that Creary is not content with simply 'making up the numbers' when he's called up. He put in 100% and deserves another crack over Steppa. Steppa has been given so many chances to prove he is more than just a "fill in" but he hasn't grasped those chances which leads to the conclusion that he is exactly that.
I also thought Creary was creative and appeared to be everywhere and involved in everything. He has great flair for a winger, thanks to his ra ra background. He offers more than just being a battering ram.


Great story. If all our back up players shared his ethics than we will be better off.

A player of passion and a working class man. I wouldn't mind seeing him ge another run.


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Mate of mine who is not even an Eagles supporter commented on his enthusiasm and back-u support play! and that hit was awesome!

Canteen Worker

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This story makes me wonder about the wisdom of taking 19 and 20 year olds and making them professionals. The accountability of having a boss and having to make a crust might develop a work ethic that would stand them in good stead as top flight footballers.

Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
He has never let us down in the pastm so was happy to see him perform well again

Not the 1st huge shot he has put on for us, and 8 tries too i beleive


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Could this be a story that..................................

nah, don't worry its only the Manly Daily and of course they don't produce such relevance. Of course other such luminary suburban rags do, we just don't have the evidence.

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