Manly Captain 2006

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First Grader
Likely Candidates



Who do you think will lead out of these blokes.


First Grader
I would like to see BK to get it then Orford in 2007 and beyond.

Theres noway I can see Monas getting it. Its clear he isn't wanted and his respect from all has certainly diminished.


Journey Man
Bk should get it.

If Monaghan is still at the club he will retain it. They're not known for boldness.

The Wheel
Premium Member
Monas would unlikey as I doubt he would be guaranted a 1st grade spot, Choc won't get it due to him being a bit of a scatterbrain, BK doesn't like media committments therefore assuming Oford settles into the team well during preseason I reckon he is the man for the job.


UFO Hunter
It will be Orford or Monaghan.

I think we'll hear the announcement once the coaching staff see how captain calamity copes playing with a back that is held in higher esteem throughout the rugby league community.


Journey Man
BOTH Orford & Monaghan dragged their respective clubs / fans through a poor recruiting process in 2005.

I'd say a Manly junior has to get the job. That leaves:-


in my opinion.

That said, Des Hasler is adverse to change. Therefore, I'd say Monaghan will retain the job. If Hooker, when Dunley comes on, Orford will get the gig.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
I wonder if it was a sweetner for Orfords deal?


Reserve Grader
Beaver doesn't want the extra pressure anymore.As Byso said Watmough is too immature to be captain.With King's performances this season he is lucky to be in the elite squad so he doesn't deserve it.So give it to either BK or OX.I would be happy with either of them,You could say OX is a junior of sort's anyway.He will lead us foward in attack not sideways,backwards or in a crop circle on the field.

The Wheel
Premium Member
Ryan are you on Drugs?

King for captain you have got to be ****ing kidding!


First Grader
I dont think Ryan was seriously putting King forward for captain. Just saying he is a Manly junior.

no sane or insane person would seriously put King forward for capatin.


Journey Man
If King performed like a first grader he'd probably be a good captain. He at least has a brain.

But whilever he performs like a daffodil in Bourke in December I think it highly unlikely.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Great imagery. Can I suggest my students use that simile for their HSC writing task tomorrow??? "Daffodils in Bourke in December" :lol:

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