main points is so obvious but a lot of people dont realise how much our 11,12 and 13 mean to us.our BACKROW wins us matches and gives us the thrust to score the 2 games our backrow have not been together we have not looked like scoring a point.kennedy,watmough and menzies are best in the league IMO and close to best ever for manly..the downside is 2 will probably not be there in 07 and this side without bk and beaver is not worth even contemplating.

2.brisbane go to canberra with 6 out and win.they have senior and second tier players young players who can get them over the line-we dont.seymour ran that side beautifully last night.

3.too many people have us over the line for the semis IMo_Our draw for the last 6 rounds is a nightmare.we MUST beat knights and tigers away to make sure of it.we will be making up the numbers anyway but this club badly needs some finals footy for its success starved fans.cmon boys.
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Totally agree with points 1 & 2.

I still think well be in the top 4. This game will give plenty for Dessie to look at on monday morning. After our other loses i've read doom and gloom then we win a few in a row again.

Basically our depth is crap, we cant afford injuries or SOO taking our best players.

Lets hope that Mellon head Minogue learns how takle with his stint on the sideline!
Journey Man
If we end up in the Top 4 it will be a Clayton's result. We're not a top 4 side if we can get lapped by a pathetic side like souths.

Agree with sue - we must win the remaining 'easy' games or we could fall in a heap at the back end of the season.

Also - compare the Melbourne backrow with our first string back row. Makes for interesting reading.
its not just the backrow.. BK 2 Heckenberg and Lulu were also missed greatly.

thats 5 CRUCIAL players to our forwards. The halves cannot get going without some forward movement.

If Tezza was out there last night i dont think it would of been a blow out. I think he would of lifted the young boys to mount a challenge like he did against Penrith.
Journey Man
We will make the semis not a problem. After the sharks effort there is no way we will drop below them.

We had only 41% of pssoession. Theres the answer - too many errors.

Witt was a major contributer to this.

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