Luke Williamson

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Just wondering what are peoples opinion on Luke Williamson.
I know this might be a big call, but without him on Sunday there is chance we wouldn't have won.
He made a break from nothing just before half time which got us into the position to get a penalty in front of the sticks which he calmly slotted.
He also had a perfect record with the boot and when you only sneak home by a point that's a big thing...
While he is no Joey Johns, all the same he does very little wrong, can play a multitude of positions and it always seems he is in there having a crack.
I heard earlier on in the season that we might be getting rid of him which would be disappointing as he has done very little wrong and always seems to be able to pull one out when we need him to.
Opinions ???

The Wheel
Premium Member
He has re signed for 2 years - does a lot of work that goes unnoticed


one of the most underated players in the NRL.

He should be held in regard as least as Widders or one of the bench players with great impact or great utility value.

On ya Willow


Capt Goodvibe
I'm sure he re-signed for a further two years, until the end of 2008. Yeah, had a top game, best since his return from injury.

In this Punters opinion, should be wearing the number 6....playing same game though, sharing the role with Beaver, but leaving the 11 to him.


You beauty if that's the case.
In some respects Evo I agree with your 5/8 call. I remember when Luke Williamson was playing well at 5/8 for Canberra with a haircut not too disimilar to Byso's.


Tipping Member
Nice call PJ.
Sunday was the first time since his return that Willo has looked fully fit. This translated into better coverage in defence and more potent attack. I lost count of the times that he moved across field to cover the backline defence.
A major reason for our early season defensive prowess was that we had four players (Beaver, BK, Choc an Willo) that are great at mopping up (& front on defence).
The quartert will be reunited next week although we'd better cut Choc a bit of slack in his first game back.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
I agree with all that has been said. The more I watch Willo (and fortunately we have had a lot of TV games this year as well) it is apparent that he is a vital cog of especially the defensive pattern. With him out injured (with a few others) we lost that defensive hardness seen earlier in the season.

I spoke to him at the Members' BBQ as well and he seemed a delightful guy!


He is great. He works hard, and isnt the flashiest player, but is exactly what we need and one of the more important guys in the team.


Winging it
Willo is the current OJ (Owen Cunningham) of the team. The tireless toiler that when missing sees a team slide faster than a Beazley popularity poll. They are absolutely crucial to a team's success and congratulations to the club for seeing that and keeping him for two more years.


Capt Goodvibe
You beauty if that's the case.
In some respects Evo I agree with your 5/8 call. I remember when Luke Williamson was playing well at 5/8 for Canberra with a haircut not too disimilar to Byso's.

Looks like Dessy agrees with us PJ :clap: .....Monas & Willo are good mates as well. Looks a good team.


Premium Member
The day Des picks a Manly team without Willo in the 17 will be a very sad day for Manly.

He is an essential player in our squad, can player hooker, backrow, 5/8 and centre. Oh & he can kick goals. How could he not be picked?


Reserve Grader
What are your thoughts about Willo playing 5/8 next year? I was just thinking Having 6)Willo 7)Orford 9)Monaghan, wouldn't be that bad IMO.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
I think we need a specialist 5/8 and Witt will be hungry next year after spending the latter part of this season in PL


Reserve Grader
Hmm yeah your probably right, then again if Willo is on the bench I don't think he'll be seen much 1st grade next year, unless Manly start bringing BK or Menzies onto the bench which I don't see happening much..


Journey Man
Witt is not a specialist 5/8, he is a specialist half. You only need to watch him play to see that. Even in PL he couldnt achieve anything
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