Luke Williamson - Again


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I know I have said that he does nothing, and adds no impact, but watching it live, one realises what he does in defense, even if it is not on the ball. He rushes up with the line, and makes very, VERY crucial tackles when required. I guess I'll stop :bdh: about the bloke for the time being.

The Wheel
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Well for at least 1 week Ryan, what about Kingy, does this means he gets double or will you focus on Crusher & Des this week?

Seriously Willo is great in defecne but adds little in attack which makes him less effective when he comes off the bench IMO


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King played well. Des changed structure in 2nd 1/2, and we won from it.

I'm confused as to what you are trying to get accross in your first paragraph Wheel? Please elaborate...

The Wheel
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I was only joking, my point was as you were not giving to Willo, you will have to find somebody else tp take out your frustrations on.

Jatz Crackers

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you will have to find somebody else tp take out your frustrations on.

Well if we won yesterday and Ryan is happy about that, surely that cant be frustrating him.

And he spends all his time at home & cant make the games so why is he so frustrated. Are you gettin any at home Ryan ? :D


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Mate - I was there yesterday - hence my inability to post (to annebriatede)...HURTING right now...


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I've been one to say in 2006 that Willow isn't adding much when he comes on. He's shown me up over the last month and i couldn't be happier. Even Dunners who frustrates the hell out of me has looked better over the last few weeks.

Trick now is to keep their momentum going.


Willo's preformance yesterday didn't change my opinion of him.

He is solid in defence but offers very little in attack. When we are at full strength again, and des is back to playing Willo for 15 minutes a game, i would much prefer to see a backrower with more attacking flair replace him.

His impact off the bench just isin't good enough to justify his regular position.


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I agree, Willo should start the game when defence is obviously required. and not come of the bench when attack is required. We don't have a culture of starting well so IMO that's when his defensive best would be utilized. Maybe after 20 pull him of for someone with a bit more flair in attack. But I have to give it to him he's a good tackling machine. I just hate it when we give away tries within five minutes of the break. What gives there?


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fair reply re: attack. I was just really impressed with Willow's efforts, especially in defence. Maybe his little 20 minute stints didn't really aloow him to gain proper match fitness. With some more time on the paddock over the last few weeks, he dug in against Pennies.

Good to see him back somewhat...


Make Manly Great Again #Hasler2019
comments about the attack are fair ones
but i see willow on our bench as being safe. Between him menzies and monas we have almost every position covered if someone gets injuried out of the game.

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