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Lonely Night for an Eagle


New Member
Apr 27, 2005
AS I sat around at my 2 mates place, (one a Rooster and one uncommitted) it became obvious it was going to be lonely night, The Broncos came out like a shot of a gun, of which our Eagles could not contain, 30/0 at half time had me thinking we are in for a 50 point hiding here, but as I saw a panoramic shot of the stadium and a few of my fellow Eagles fans maroon and white scattered though an obvious sea of maroon and gold (over 27000 together) I thought that could have easily been me ( had I not had big bills this week).... a long way from home, and not much to cheer about.

Although in the 2nd half they did strengthen and the couple of times they did hold on to the ball, they scored, (and to their credit) they won the 2nd half, that's a thing about Rugby League you can't score without the ball.

On the finish whistle, after the jeers from my mate we were united by the promotion of the city/country match next Friday Night here in my town (Lismore), it seems we'll be the one going for the maroon and gold next week.

Go Eagles!!
Go Country!!......is that allowed?? :lol:

Canteen Worker

Well-Known Member
Jul 15, 2004
Go Eagles and go country (live in city but a Tamworth boy - used to play against Woodlawn!!).

Mind you I don't think too many Sea Eagles will be playing after last night's effort!

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