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Journey Man
Missed 9 last night and is averaging 4.3 this year.

Just noticed it.

His errors arnt great either. Not what i would expect from the best player in the world
To me he looks like a player who is either carrying an injury or just isnt interested anymore.

Maybe union is beckoning
as long as he promises not to take shots at goal
I couldnt believe what i heard on the m's this morning - rabbits was saying how good the defence was - if thats good then ours is **** hot best ever.

He just kept going on an on how good lockyer is - obviously he doesnt really take defence into account.

im sure lockyer will improve his defence of course
lockyer is one of the best ATTACKING 5/8th in the game but so was Walker (both ben and andrew) his defense is week I think he is still carrying an injury or still got the hangovers of one.

lockyer is hopeless.once the aussie cricket selectors get rid of that underperformer martyn then the kangaroos will rid themselves of this lockyer pretender.he will be lucky to sneak into the maroons this year.

sue we are talking current form not previous form.

No one doubs he is possibly the best player in NRL, but at the moment his game is just lacking passion he seems like he is carrying an injury.

I am very very very concerned as to the selection of civinoceva
I don't know about his defence, but his goalkicking is disgraceful. Why do I have him as my goalkicker in the fantasy game thing. Probably explains why I suck, and am not currently in contention.
i refer to the fluffster of course.

on another note i think we should all take a deep breath.our attack was very average in nz and cronulla was without kimmorley-you saw what difference he makes tonight.we are playing well ,particularly in defence ,but the real tests lie ahead.bagging brisbane and the roosters in particular is a big leap of faith.we have been on the end of some fearful roosters floggings in the last few years.i think we are a big chance tomorrow but realistically a top six spot would be sensational.roosters,brisbane and bulldogs away are the benchmark games for us.let us be optimistic but not over the top.
Volley I have him as my goal kicker too. I will be trading him this week for Fitzgibbon or Witt altough lockyer is still one of the more valuable 5/8 FF players due to his attacking and try scoring ability.

So I will keep him for now.

But I would make a trade this week. even covell is not a bad option at kicker.

The other option is the Storm Kicker as long as they keep scoring 50
Yeah I'm thinking of giving him the boot, as goalkicker. I'm not having much luck with the goalkickers, I started with Cameron Smith, but of course Matt Orford kicks for them now doesn't he. I'll take your advice and maybe invest in a future.

I agree Sue (finally realised it's from the 12th Man), there is optimism doing the rounds at the moment, which is good, but too much can be devastating.

<span class='smallblacktext'>[ Edited Sun Mar 27 2005, 12:04AM ]</span>
Sue obviously you dont count defence as part of football.

Or you fail to comprehend that i was most obviously only talking about the 3 games so far this season - and nothing previous which was qualified by "im sure lockyer will improve his defence of coarse".

Or is this just another childish attempt to take something is said - exagerate it - then apply it to somewhere else and quote as having said something else.

I never said he was hopeless - i was hoping to start a discussion on his current form - to which i think he is far from his best.

I hope that clears things up
I think Lockyer is running scared. He knows Witt is eligible for Qld slection and Monas and Witt are obviously the greatest halves combination that this game has ever seen. Witt is a certainty for the Maroon #6 and it will be great to see him go head to head with Monas at Origin time.

Gents, please take note. I think it fair to say that both our games this year have been significantly slower than the three we've seen on FNF. We're yet to play a big gun - and the same could be said for the Storm.

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