Liverpool vs juventus champions league 1st leg on ESPN


just watched the game on ESPN. Liverpool dominated the 1st half and goals by Hyypia in the 10 min and Garcia in the 25 min and it was 2-0 at h/t. in the 2nd half juventus went up a gear and played well and scored in the 53 min, although the 19 year old Liverpool goalie(Carson) should of held the ball.
Fulltime 2-1 to Liverpool.
but away goals are double if the 2nd leg is 0-0. Liverpool will be desparate for a away goal in the 2nd leg.

Fantastic singing of 'You'll never walk alone' at the beginning.

2nd leg in 8 days, thur week. going to be dangerous being a Liverpool supporter at the away leg as juventus fans have promised 'bloodshed' for Liverpool/English fans as revenge from 20 years ago.

Liv er pool, Liv er pool, Liv er pool, Liv er pool
RE: Philip where did you hear that about the Juve Fans?

from the

Juventus Soccer Fans Warn of Heysel Disaster 'Revenge' on Liverpool in Turin.

By Nick Allen, PA Chief Reporter
Juventus fans warned today that small groups of hardcore hooligans will seek revenge for the Heysel Stadium disaster when their team meets Liverpool 20 years on.Today’s Champions League draw pitted the two clubs against each other two decades after fans of the Italian club were crushed to death under a collapsing wall before the European Cup final. A total of 39 people died and English clubs were subsequently thrown out of European competition for five years. Since then, the two clubs have maintained close contact and built bridges and the vast majority of Juventus fans are hoping for a peaceful game. But within hours of the draw being announced there were warnings that some so-called “ultras� – hardline followers of Juventus – had made clear they have not forgotten Heysel and are not prepared to forgive. Menacing postings on Italian football websites included one which read: “Now it is Liverpool’s turn to be shot.� Another said it would be “sick� to lose to the English club. One Juventus supporter posted a picture of masked Italian hooligans, including a young man wielding a metal pipe, and wrote: “The boy with the pipe is one of the leading supporters (of Juventus) nowadays. “Don’t expect him to shake hands with ’Pool fans. Violence will occur, I’m sure of it.�Referring to the picture another Juventus supporter said: “I’m proud of him.� Another said: “Yes, the clubs have a reasonable relationship now, but the fact is that many fans in Italy do blame Liverpool still and if you go stand in the Curva Sud at the Delle Alpi and ask for thoughts on Liverpool you will be greeted with disgust.“The feelings are still strong, rightly or wrongly, that’s the way it is.�Another Juventus fan wrote: “There will be thousands of them (Liverpool fans) in Turin. I’m really scared. If something bad happens we can easily be banned from Europe.�
Garcia's goal was truely exceptional, but Juve got the away goal which is very important.

I only saw the news highlights, but the mood looked quite humble before the match with the 'Pool fans giving respect to the 20 year date. Hopefully there are no problems for the second leg, it would be a great shame.

The onus is on Juve officials to make sure nothing happens here.
I am surprised at the Juve fans attitude, it was 20 years ago and they really should have forgiven by now. Thank christ it isn't the Lazio or one of the southern teams fans because they are trully crazy.

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