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I need a favour... (Shutup byso)

Anyone know anything about geography? Or, soecifically, the movement of pollution through the ground? And a source for the information? I just need to know how fast oil etc dumped can travel, not only into the ground water...

For example, Luna park dumps evil stuff near the cliff face... chow does it get to land on which the residents of lavender bay sit?

Any ideas anyone???
not sure but you may want to look into the case at "Anderson Park, neutral Bay" it is closed off at the moment because of an old refrigeration company that dumped some stuff up on the neutral bay hills and it has seeped down to the park.
You may also want to look at the Rhodes industrial estate.

My mate is working there and the site is heavily contaminated with agent orange and a few other nasties.

He had to go home early on friday because someone dug up some contaminated materials and the woind spread it through the entire worksite.

The companies there use to use it as landfill to claim land from the harbour there and dump it directly into the water then build their factory over the "land" they had made with toxic waste. They are now building residential building on that land!!!!!!
Far out! That's awful... thanks for the tips... I reckon I could base my essay on something like that.

My sis is getting a book on how pollution would move through the land for me. All good. But it's horrible isn't it? And because most of Sydney's soil is porous, it's not exactly safe eh?
it is terrible, my mates eyes were all red and really puffy all friday night, which didnt help him with the ladies. He kept complaining that his throat was really scratchy as well, which are classic symptoms of most things like Agent Orange, DDT etc
Shocking! I hope the employees have proper safety procedures and are getting compensation... that stuff causes long term trouble...
its because there is no way they will get proper protection. apparantly a wire fence is suppossed to protect them
they should give work cover a call if they are serious about having nothing to goto - we have them out here regularly, they can be fairly strict when they want to be and have immence powers
yeah mate you try and take on the builders union!
Workcover can... it's bigger and meaner and has the courts and legislation on its side.

Bugger the union.

There are protective measures. Proper suits & breathing apparatus for a start. Then again, it should never have occurred in the first place.
Once again Hopium Books only get you so far. When was the last time you worked on a building site?

and before you ask me the same, I worked for a few weeks on one last year, and my entire family ar ein the building industry. You speak up against the union and you are in trouble. They cut corners where they can and legally they dont have to provide protective clothing or breathing apparati since the contamination is not precisely under foot
Books get me a degree... which then enables me to shove books up people's arses for a living. That's why I want 2 master's degrees... I can change the law if I follow through. WorkCover has the power over companies ... essentially because if anyone is injured, even if it comes up after a certain period of time, they are liable.

Ok, I've never worked on a building site... I know the statistics and read some of the cases for compensation. It's the companies that pay. So I'm not really in the know, but I'll still fight for better working conditions, and if not compensation!

Ok, we didn't see that in James Hardie... but the laws were different then and the unions were even more powerful (remember the green/brown bans?? they haven't done one of those in AGES)... NOW the laws are on your side, and so is the media. The Hardie scam was damn good fuel... reckon they wouldn't want another? The telegraph would love to get stuck into the unions. Bad publicity during a Liberal government is exactly what they don't need.

I'm not talking about the members speaking up. I'm talking about a government department, a company of lawyers and the media conglomerates. Unfortunately though, someone has to get deathly ill from the substances. Than the laws will change...

exactly. I only know 1 person who won against the builders union, and that was short lived.

he didnt want to join his company up to the union as he would have had to have bought any employee who worked for him for 6 weeks or more about $5000 worth of clothing each. He was only on the job for 7 weeks and was employing local lads. Anyway he got taken to court by the union bloke, but the union bloke forgot to give warren his summons. So the case got thrown out of court because the union bloke forgot that 1 vital piece of paper.

However they made it very difficult for warren to operate so he shelved his company and bought a shelf company in the same industry and continued on his merry way and the union hasnt touched him since
The union would back up the workers on this one dan, its in the workers interests - but you are right they can be very powerful - they will also backstab at the drop of the hat.

Workers comp has more powers than the unions and can literally shut the site down within 1 minute f walking onto it - if they have a reason. There is little in your favour as a manager/boss in the legislation - you have to answer them and are not entitled to a legal representative - its a bastard of a thing. Thats why all training is documented so well, all toolbox meetings etc have their minutes taken. So there is evidence of training, not just someones word against anothers.
Million upon millions of years ago, plant matter, some of which was dead, some living, eventualy came to sufferance under layers of dirt and mud. Over million and many more millions of years this plant matter broke down. Rotting, fossilising and eventually turning into what we know call, and drill for: "Crude Oil" As for its movements under ground, Im not quite sure. But its better to pour over those pesky weeds along the fence line than burn it and release into the air eventually creating a natural sauner.

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