Let's not get carried away

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Journey Man
Let's not get carried away

Results at Lang Park last 2 weeks:

Brisbane 38 vs Manly 12
Brisbane 35 vs Bulldogs 28

We play the Bulldogs away next week.

Then we have Parramatta away. They showed they can carve a very good side up today in the Cowboys. Nothing stuck for the Cowboys today and 50-12 wasn't a fair reflection. However, Parramatta look to have some good combinations happening and Tim Smith is looking sharp. We may also be missing up to 3 forwards on Origin duty.

We then have Penrith at Brookie. Up to 3 player backing up 4 days after Origin. Penrith will have around the same number (Waterhouse, Wesser, Rooney and maybe Gower, Clinton, Priddis and Lewis.) The Panthers keep losing and they can't afford to drop too many more games if they're to be a force. They will be hungry.

Then we have to back up 5 days later for a Friday night blockbuster away with the Rorters - Grand Finalists these last 3 years.

If at the end of those 4 weeks we are:

4-0: Put the champagne on ice for the Grand Final
3-1: We will be soaring near the top a significant force
2-2: Either bemoaning some that got away or looking forward to a few easier clashes.
1-3: Hoping to get a run of wins to keep our Top 4 hopes alive.
0-4: Desperate for a win to get our final aspirations back on track.
Let's not get carried away

I like being carried away. The win wasnt pretty but in 25 of the voters eyes n the poll, this was the true test.

Go you Ealges
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Let's not get carried away

Hey Daniel have you had a few bevvies or has that friend of your flatmate swapped some of the letters on your keyboard as a comeback?
Let's not get carried away

I like being carried away. The win wasnt pretty but in 25 of the voters eyes n the poll, this was the true test.

Go you Ealges
So what? Jesse McCarthy is at number one in the Top 40.

Populism means nothing. The opinion of the opinion makers is what counts.

(I voted "no").
Let's not get carried away

2-2 would be a good result - especially if Kite doesn't make it back next week.

Who looks likely from the Eels to miss our match with them because of Origin?

Hindmarsh - yes

No other certainties. Possibles are:

Riddell (very unlikely unless injury intervenes)
Morrison (will probably miss out to Menzies and have a point to prove!!!!!)
Let's not get carried away

sds - beers as always

matas - 2 & 2 will do me
Let's not get carried away

I'm thinking they won't pick Kite simply because there is so much cometition in the prop department, and he'll be coming back from at a few weeks off.

Kennedy for sure & Menzies is a 50/50 depending on the sway held by Gus.
Let's not get carried away

Kite is an incumbent which will count in his favour.

Additionally, he can cover 2nd row if need be. Gould loves him.
Let's not get carried away

Good points, and he did have a great series last year. If the city/country game was really an Origin trial Stevens would get the bench spot. He outplayed Ryles & co pretty convincingly. Clinton also played strongly.
Let's not get carried away

Grothe would have to be close to snagging a wing spot, he is in fine form.

Regarding the original post, that's evidence that we should be making the most of the win, because tough times lay in front.
Let's not get carried away

Tough times indeed ahead, and to think we were looking forward to playing these teams over origin. Boy did we get that wrong.

Grothe would have to be a chance, not too much opposition.

But we stand to lose our whole backrow and possibly a prop and will still have hecks injured.

2-2 would be a good result.

It starts saturday with an equally weakoned dogs pack.
Let's not get carried away

3 away games in that lot which will count against us on past form. I will take 2 and 2 now, anymore will be a bonus.
Let's not get carried away

1 and 3 would even be thinkable as ok depending on players missing in origin etc. Noting that a lot of the teams we are playing have the buy around this time
Let's not get carried away

It's important we are realistic. Good strong performances, with a win or two in the next four weeks will be okay. We have to learn to win away and also compete against the up-tempo games that some of these teams can put on.

So far we are 6 out of 8 for our season but in a month we will have a realistic measure of what to expect for the rest of the year. It is a building year and to make the semis is our main aim. Obviously we want to compete with the big boys and here is a chance to test ourselves. We could get a surprise, though it is no easy road that we face.
Let's not get carried away

I'll try not to be too gloomy if we don't have a good run over the next few weeks.
Let's not get carried away

The aims of the season from all accounts are

1 - Not to lose a game at Brookvale Oval
2 - To make the play-offs
Let's not get carried away

No doubt this period is going to be testing but I am very optimistic. I think there is a winning culture and tip 3 out of 4.
Team P W L PD Pts
10 9 1 124 20
10 8 2 81 18
10 7 3 70 16
10 7 3 69 16
11 7 4 59 14
10 6 4 -10 14
11 6 5 107 12
11 6 5 -9 12
10 5 5 -56 12
11 5 5 30 11
10 4 6 15 10
11 5 6 -12 10
11 4 6 -7 9
10 3 7 -103 8
10 2 8 -81 6
10 2 8 -91 6
10 1 9 -186 4
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