Let's look to the future:

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Journey Man
Let's look to the future:

The following should not dirty our proud jumper ever again.

Donald and Randall - already leaving, let them see out the season in PL. Shift Monas to 9 and give Mullana a go in 6. Witt given his LAST warning and put at 7. Meaney on the wing.

King - if it is the board deciding that Harris will be traded, they MUST reconsider. King should be offloaded immediately for whatever money we can get. Hecks will be back soon. He misses so many tackles it is not funny. Just gets brushed off time and again.

Hill - beaten for pace way too many times. Is playing injured because he's on match payments. Matai can at least go close to matching his opposite for pace.

Only the following can hold their heads up:

Stewart, Alberts, Dunley, Kennedy, Menzies, Willo. :clap: :clap: :clap:
Let's look to the future:

Agreed Mata - except I think Kennedy has been a passenger in the Manly jumper the past three weeks. It is starting to be like when the Newcastle fans weren't too dissapointed at seeing him go for me.
Hill - too old
Donald - Ethan (my friends will know who this is) would intimidate him)
King - Toukey is Carl Johnson campared to him.
Randall - defence is strong & attack strong - in Ethans comp. Goodbye. I hope you enjoy England.
Let's look to the future:

I would really like to see Robbie Kearns in a Manly jersey next year, he could be extremely beneficial to our team and its players.

I hope to god the radio stations didn't jump to gun on Orford, because if he watched that game today there is a major chance he would reneg on what ever deal he has made, especially if it is verbal.
Let's look to the future:

If he renegs. I have visions of that day at Manly, a HUGE crowd of 1974, against NTH QLD at night, in the pouring rain.
Let's look to the future:

It's the same old culprits each week.

* Kick to Donalds wing - it's a certain try
* Put pressure on Monas when he has ball in hand and he will throw sh*t pass and put pressure on outside men.

We had plenty of ball in the second half, but Monaghan couldn't run a choko vine over a fence, let alone a first grade attack. Those who want to apportion blame to Witt, he wasn't there, and don't say that that is one less option for Monas, Menzies and Harris outside him gave him plenty of chances. He just does not have a passing game, and he compounds it by going too deep to the line. I hope the rumours about Orford are right, we need him otherwise it'll be more of the same next season. I'm convinced Monas will make an excellent hooker, but he is not a halfbacks a*sehole.

Saints owned us again. You don't have to be Einstein to play a compressed defence against us as we very rarely get the ball more than two wide off the ruck. Granted they were offside a lot today but at least they were in motion and meeting us the advantage line. Our defence was rubbish, flat footed or back pedalling. We should have had more put on us, it was only good scrambling at the back that kept us in it. We made some all right breaks in the second half when we spread it wide, but it was too late by then.

Agree on Harris, I wonder if it is too late to swap him for King. Can't agree on your assessment on Kennedy Ryan. He tried hard again today and was by no means a passenger.

Bottom line is that performance today is a pretty good indication of the skill level of our team. We over acheived in the early part of the season and really were flattered by our ladder position. Once the enthusiastic defence fell away we had nothing left, and our keep it simple plan of running out of dummy half and keeping it tight has been read by all oppositions and they compress up on us and smash us.
Let's look to the future:

where the **** is andrew voss,warren smith and those fools who masquerade as league analysts.it is easy to jump on a bandwagon boys:a hell of a lot harder to get off.

watch ooouuuttttttt bbbbbeeeeellllllloooooowwwwwwwww!
Let's look to the future:

BK was **** today.

Although i agree with Mata's main post. Donald is sooo ****. Arghh.
Let's look to the future:

Kaza, if you were forced to play football for 19 rounds with the weight of Number 2,4,5,6,7,9,10 you'd have an off game eventually too.

BK :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
Let's look to the future:

I agree with Matabele's original post. The players he mentioned are consistent low performers. I actually thought Chris Hicks had a fairly good game today. Donald & Hill are liabilities. The BYE probably comes at a good time for the Eagles. It gives the team a chance to regroup & hopefully in a few weeks Hecks & Choc will return to the 1st grade squad. They are both sorely missed. The Cowboys match on Sunday week is another "must win " match. If we win this , we will move to 26 pts , which may only be 1 win from a top 8 finish. That win may have to be Newcastle away , because I'm not confident of winning any of our other remaining games.
Let's look to the future:

If Des doesn't make changes to these jokers I'll be astounded.

Equally I won't hold my breath.

4 hours since the final whistle and I'm still shaking with rage.
Team P W L PD Pts
9 8 1 116 18
9 7 2 72 16
9 7 2 49 16
11 7 4 59 14
9 6 3 57 14
10 6 4 -10 14
10 6 4 115 12
10 5 5 -56 12
11 5 5 30 11
10 4 6 15 10
10 5 5 -13 10
10 4 6 -18 8
9 3 6 -71 8
10 3 6 -9 7
9 2 7 -69 6
9 2 7 -87 6
9 1 8 -180 4
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