Lets have a chat about hygiene

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thats a good old joke.

I thought it went more like
- God definately isnt a man
- Every man knows you shouldnt have your intake so close tou your output
3 engineers where talking

the first an electrical engineer said the man was made by an electrical engineer. Look at the intricate system of nerves using electricity to function.

The second said mechanical engineer. Look at the freedom of movement and power developed from the muscles.

Then the Civil engineer piped up and said it must have been us. Who else would put recreational facilities so close the the waste disppossal unit.
I used to work as a Registered Nurse at Canberra Hospital in the the children's isolation ward. My hands used to be so dry from all the hand washing I did!
Working there certainly made me paranoid about handwashing & general hygeine!
The infection control nurses would come around and put this special dye on your hands. You would then go off & do your normal clinical handwash. They would use an ultraviolet light to check & it's amazing to see what is left on your hands... !ill !ill !ill
Fair enough in a hospital Goldie.

But Zap, seriously, the obession with hygeine is such that our immune systems are out of whack from having bugger all to do so we turn on ourselves and, hey presto, asthma, hayfever and the like go beserk.

I let my boys eat dog turds (small amounts anyway) when they were smaller to make sure their immune system was up to the job. They are pictures of health. And that practice is endorsed by some very distinguished medical and scientific journals.
I'm with Mata. Spend you whole life cocooned from dirt results in the immune system crashing any time it comes in contact with something new. There is a difference between being totally disgusting but I do anything and go almost anywhere and have a pretty good constitution as a result. I know this has nothing to do with hygeine - but I will leave you with the words of Clint: "anything more than two shakes constitutes pleasure" :O
I used to play in the mud... Loved it....

But did any of you watch the ABC last night? The program on parasites? OMG... this weekend I'm buying combatrin!

It's less about immune systems, more about the spread of really bad infectious disease... yeah relativley harmless germs etc are cool... but you can get herpes simplex from someone's hands (if they have touched a coldsore). Same with the genital ones... and alot of others. It's that reason you wash your hands with soap! No anti bacterial ones... soap kills most of the bad stuff. Needless to say I don't beleive in the anti bacterial cleaning stuff... but I like people to wash their hands... especially if I don't really know them.
body snatchers was a great show.

I agree about letting kids play in the dirt etc, but when you become an adult, does it hurt you that much to friggin wash your hands after you piss or see a freind off to the coast?

no it doesnt, so just do it you dirty bird flu infected freak. Yes if you are in my office, sit directly south west of me I am talking to you, you know who you are
There’s nothing worse than washing your hands in the men’s room then you see some filthy cretin open his loo door then scarper straight out...........Now that really pisses me off.
i agree byso.

Especially when you know you have to grab that door handle right after the dirty scoundrel
no, no i havent.

I dont plan on it either.
Why do all toilet doors open inwards?

It would be far better if you could push them open with your foot.
agreed matabele a much better and hygenic way. I like the ones with a vent that allows you to easily open the door.

eeesssh this world has far too many sick cretins in it
some toilets im sure it is cleaner not to wash your hands - that way you dont ahve to touch the sink.

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