Lennon guns for Super League deal.

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First Grader
MARK Lennon is hoping to play a starring role for Wales in a bid to win a Super League contract for 2006.

And the 25-year-old utility admits former club Cas would be his preferred choice.
Lennon has been named alongside Tigers pack men Jordan James and Byron Smith in the Principality's 28-strong squad for the European Nations Cup and jets into the country this week ahead of Sunday's opener against Scotland at Bridgend.
Since being released by Cas, he has spent the past two seasons at Manly Sea Eagles but first-team opportunities have been limited and he is now looking to revive his Super League career.
"I've really enjoyed myself at Manly but there have been limited opportunities for me. I've been playing predominantly full-back instead of being a utility five-eighth half-back, which is where I was used in Super League.
"The first-grade team have a young full-back called Brett Stewart, who was playing pretty well. In the only two games he missed over the past two years I played one game against Penrith Panthers last year and one game this year against the eventual 2005 Premiers, West Tigers.
"I've been pretty frustrated playing Premier League. This season I scored 134 points, which included 11 tries in 20 games, so I know what I'm capable of and I'd love an opportunity to play in the Super League."
Lennon admits he would consider a return to the Jungle: "I loved my three years at Cas and I'd love to go back and play in their comeback year in Super League.
"Being home made me realise the NRL isn't the be-all and end-all. Crowds are far better in the Super League and there's more noise and more atmosphere, which makes it far more enjoyable to play. I also miss the English lifestyle and the friends I made during my time at Cas."
Added Lennon, whose agent/manager is one-time Castleford utility Andrew Purcell: "I'm still under contract with Manly till the end of next season but my manager has said they would release me if I wanted to head to the UK."


First Grader
He's a very likeable person and I hope he gets his SL contract. If thats what he wants. He has some tallent in the halves. I don't rate him at fullback.

He certainly didn't get the opportunities he required at Manly


Do you reckon St Helens would be interested in a swap beteween Lenno and Jamie Lyon? :lol:

Maybe they want a complete set of halves and we could send then Monnas as well as a package deal.

I have not seen much of him but it may have been interesting if he was tried at 5/8 last year when Witt was dropped just to see how he would go.

It is a pity that dessie didn't try a few of these blokes out in last years fg trials to see how they would go. Maybe one of two of them (Taylor etc) might have impressed an been able to be put into firsts late in the season when evrythign was going pear shaped. It you don't try them in firsts you will never know how they will go.


Journey Man
if you dont try them when the opportunity arises they will go elsewhere is more to the point.

Lenno is a top bloke - my mate found his wallet and they lived in the same apartment block - lenno was most appreciative and became a good friend.

It would be a shame to lose him as he is good depth and has good experience from his welsh appearances

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Lenno played surprisingly well in first grade in the trial against the Tigers (seems a million years ago, so much has changed since then.)

If he was ever going to get a run it was last year when Mullane was so injured and then in poor form, Monaghan was injured for weeks and Walker was out. Mind you we had Handbag, Beaver, Willo and Spin the bottle to choose a five-eighth this year.

Probably never going to make it if he couldn't get on. He is obviously a good bloke but that doesn't necessarily get you into first grade. Chad and Handbag are reputed to be good blokes too!!


Journey Man
Is this the feeling of depth that Crusher is trying to create, or is it people don't want to be at a struggling club, and still languish in premier league?

Canteen Worker

First Grader
I think the truth is that people up and run when they don't believe they are going to make first grade. We are apparently going to spend to the limit of our secondary salary cap, something we haven't done for years and with a bit of luck the cash will go to good young developing talent rather than to players who fill up reserve grade!!!


Reserve Grader
Is this the feeling of depth that Crusher is trying to create, or is it people don't want to be at a struggling club, and still languish in premier league?

...Or just he is sick of playing tier 2 football infront of 80 people each week?

When he can be earning double playing in the top national league infront of 300 people....

I don't blame him really..

It'd be nice to see him get a crack at another club though...

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