Last time a player was booed of the field?


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Who was the last player booed off Brookie oval? was it Jason Taylor.

Do you think the same could happen to the Ox this year if his form continues.


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Yep, the Ox is beginning to look like a lost soul out there. However I feel he's redeemable. Des must firstly insist he no longer run sideways. If straight dummy half running was the score yesterday we might have pulled some penalties and then had field position and the Ox used to be good at that at least. But another inept display and we'll be booing Des.


I remember also booing Craig Field and Brett Kimmorley.

It must be something to do with Manly and their half backs since Toovey retired.

Do we all get the feeling that Orford came to Manly only for the money and not because he really wants to be here? I am sure he would rather have got the same money from the storm and stayed there.


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The Ox is clearly troubled by something. He's looking cranky and dispepsic. Is he having women troubles? Is his mum berating him when he gets home? Is he playing injured and hiding it, aka Barry Hall? He may need a stint on the sports psychologist's couch. Field and Kimmorly were crap and lousy personalities to boot, but Ox is winning us games which makes him different from those two. Maybe he needs a good cuddle.


I don't know what it is.. maybe he was always this crap??

I don't believe that for a second.. I know he can produce the goods he just doesn't/hasn't.

God, I miss the halfbacks of yesteryear... they were real footballers... I don't know what majority of 7's and 6's are trying to do these days.

Orford is very very frustrating though and I really think Des needs to take action.

I'd swap Monoghan and Orford. If only for a week.. something to let him know that "mate, you need to pull your socks up a bit here"


i still think orford is trying his guts out, even though he isnt going that well,

for that fact alone and i myself could not personally do better i wouldnt boo a bloke playing for Manly.


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Nah, if a player isn't putting in or plays crap for many weeks in succession. They deserve a spray and a boo.


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maybe Crusher wasn't all to happy the previous week when the ox took a swipe at Kane following the high shot?!?

could it be they have had a falling out of some sort over this? grasping at straws I know....... but the answer to his poor form lies somewhere!


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His been playing ordinary for weeks now. So I doubt that has nothing to do with it.

Btw it's good to see Kane going well at the Dogs.

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