Kylie and his big hits

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I didn't see the game and listened to most of the second half on the ABC radio call.

The commentators kept saying that Kylie was coming out of the line, aiming for big hits and was ineffective in that he usually missed.

Is this what happened on telly or were these guys looking at the game through NZ glasses. They claimed he would have been better served in staying in the line and keeping the defence tight and well set.


i think it was a fare comment, he did on more than one occaision come out of the line and miss, to me big hits can be pre meditated, you just defend normally and strongly, until someone happens to run at you at a perfect angle etc , you have momentum etc and Bang, its very rare that if you go charging out of the line to smash someone they simply just run at you, in the old days Chief and Spud did it out of ego, but now unless your having a war with someone! most guys will simply change direction and you just look like a goose!


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you would just see this maroon and white flash come out of no where and go out the other side of the screen. Just thought, there goes minogue....

He tried to put on the big hit too much which is bad because he is usually my favourite player, I think he was just shakry
It would be good if he hit, no one wants a 179 cm tall, 108 kg player making direct contact at full speed with them but yeah, he did miss quite a few times.


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if he hit they would have been hits fo the season.

he needs to be careful though if he does that every single game then people will read it side step him and run at the hole he leaves in the defense.
Especially a team that moves forward quickly in attack.

2 close runners could do the same as he may line up at one but the ball goes to the other player, which means he can simply run around minogue.

however if he does it more selectively and makes contact he will rattle quite a few teeth

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