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Kim Jong Dan
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After re-watching the roosters Manly game last night I think the NRL needs to clamp down on kicking whilst trying to get up from a tackle.

The roosters were filthy with this. There is a reasonable amount of struggling to get up after a tackle, I dont think that lifting your leg 4 - 6ft off the ground and striking a player in the head or upper body is acceptable. It is also dangerous and unnecesary.

There is far too much of it these days and it is only a matter of time until someone gets injured.
It is also clear that certain players are worse at this than others.

There was also another incident in the game where a manly player was held by 2 players and a third had his arm on the tackle. THe manly player was walking forward so the third rooster literally kicked his legs out from under him. Isn't that tripping?


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I was having the same thoughts ,the roosters kicking & swinging arms in plenty of tackles was reminding me of that cat Michael Handcock.Kennedy copped a boot in the head & then a couple of tackles after ,it looked like Burns copped a boot in the moosh aswell.


Kim Jong Dan
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yeah but it wasnt a push him over the back of the legs it was a kick at his ankles.

The roosters were very bad for the trhashing there is no need for it and they looked like they were deliberately trying to kick at the players


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if he kicked the legs out then it was kicking.

If he hooked an ankle then pulled with his leg whilst having hold its probably ok.


Kim Jong Dan
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I will re-watch on wednesday and find the tackle


UFO Hunter
As long as the player has two hands on the man being tackled, your permitted the use of a leg as long as your not lashing out with it.

The rule was changed due to the natorious 1 hand trip master Allan Langer.

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