Kennedy, Watmough, Matai, Stephenson


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Our best four today. Kennedy was well rewarded with two tries. Watmough showed he will return to the form we saw last season plus matai and stephenson are more than adequite replacements for Hill and Donnald.

:clap: To these blokes, outstanding footballers.


Stephenson and Mattai need to spend the off season with the sprint coach and the whole team - especially Mattai need a real defensive coach such as Gillespie of Dean Pay to teach them how to tackle.


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Matai 10 missed Tackles Yeah he was on Fire , I Cant Believe we Re-signed this Guy No Discipline and woeful defence


What the hell is with Matai trying to tackle every player around the throat. What about tackling them belly - chest hight.

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I wouldn't put Matai up there in our best today. He has some serious defensive issues he needs to address, too much jumper grabbing. He is also looking to take over Hoppas mantle as King of the stupid penalty.


Matai's discipline is a worry, his defence isn't much better. Stephenson was caught out a few times, not marking his man, not marking the ball carrier, just looking lost in the space between them.

Kennedy was quiet after that knock in the first half but came out fired up in the second. Watmough was very good. I thought Dunley was a stand out too.


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I thought Witt and Dunley were bouth pretty good today as well especially DUnley

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I would love to see Dunley operate with a deep backline - I reckon he'd be even more effective than he is with the flat (or non-existant) attacke we are using at the moment.

Did you spot his Monnas-like concentric circle run in the second half - great stuff.


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yeah that was ridiculous, but our line is set so shallow that he has little choice


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Matai made many runs from dummy half or second pass and looked good because he was involved. Which begs the question of where the forwards were? Reality was Matai missed some crucial tackles that hurt us. He needs a big turnaround to qualify for the top team next year.


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The above 4 mentioned, with the inclusion of dunley looked let down by the others. They were the blokes who wanted the game yesterday, the others can't wait to support their new teams through the finals.


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Choc & BK were awesome yesterday,i was so happy to see BK get those 2 tries.I dont like Matai at all,misses too many tackles and his attitude and his tackling around the head are a matter of concern.I wasn't happy that Manly resigned him for another 2 years.Dunley put in as usual & Steppa has been solid since his move to the wing.Des has to get our backs used to jumping for a high ball,we are the worst team when the bomb goes up.That last try summed it all up again.
After some serious reflection after a disappointing Manly performnce I would seriously question the inclusion of the names Matai and Witt among the better performers. As for Mr Monaghan, well despite what he may think he's not cut-out for the No. 7 jersey. We will hopefully go better next year however I feel that alot of work needs to be done in the defensive department. IMO Blocka is not the right guy to look after forwards and defense. Witt is PL player at best. Feel sorry for the kid as I believe he really wants to succeed in 1st Grade, but just hasn't got what it takes. Never know though, maybe sime training work beside Orford may help him grow. Let's hope but in reality he offered very little in enterprise yesterday. Matai is a lose cannon who needs to developed by a great centre such as Bell. What I hope is that the new buys will help develop the young guns just like BK did with Watmough and the forwards.

Things can only get better. 8D


Matai - learn how to tackle and get a haircut
Monas - take a break, clear you head and come back to kick ass in 2006 no matter where Des plays you
Witt - Kick away from the opposition players
Stephenson - Stay on your man


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Guest said:
Stephenson and Mattai need to spend the off season with the sprint coach and the whole team - especially Mattai need a real defensive coach such as Gillespie of Dean Pay to teach them how to tackle.

Has anyone got around to teaching Matai how to tackle yet?


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Steve Matai isn't one to take no for an answer. When the Manly centre first trialled with the Sea Eagles in 2005, he was told there was no room for him.

The advice was to pack his bags and return to the Sea Eagles' feeder club in Brisbane. Matai refused, telling coach Des Hasler he would stay for nothing.

By the time the opening round of the season rolled around, Matai had forced his way into the centres.

Midway through 2006, he developed a bulging disc in his neck. Rather than booking in for surgery, Matai played on. His reward was a Kiwi Test jumper.

"I don't think I played too well in my first trial with the club. So I spoke to my manager and said 'look, just organise anything. I'll stay here for nothing','' Matai said.

"Manly were going to send me back to their feeder club in Queensland, which was Wynumm-Manly. So I agreed to stay for nothing.

"If I played NRL, I got match payments. That was it.''


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Hopefully we can find a few more Matai's this year who are willing to play for nothing and turn out as good as he did
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