Kennedy to finish up this year

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Well how about f ucking that

from manly sea eagles email
Manly Sea Eagles captain Ben Kennedy today announced he had made himself available for selection for the Anzac Test Match in Brisbane on May 5.

Kennedy also officially informed the Sea Eagles that the 2006 season would be his last. The powerhouse forward said he had thought long and hard about both decisions.


Journey Man
Manly Sea Eagles captain Ben Kennedy today announced he had made himself available for selection for the Anzac Test Match in Brisbane on May 5. Kennedy also officially informed the Sea Eagles that the 2006 season would be his last. The powerhouse forward said he had thought long and hard about both decisions.

"It wasn't easy because I love the game and will miss it but I don't want to be a player who has gone one season too long. Playing for my country remains close to my heart and I have made myself available to play if chosen.”

"Coach Ricky Stuart had a lot to do with my early career in the game and it would be wonderful to play my last Test match alongside Andrew Johns. "And there is the nightmare of that heavy defeat at the hands of the Kiwis last year to try and set right," Kennedy said.

Kennedy says he wants to end his career on a high and has set his sights on a premiership at the end of the season.

"We can mix it with the best teams - our form against the Cowboys and the Dragons proves that and I want to give it my best shot.” "Hopefully my decision now will make it easier for Manly to look around at what they want to do next season.” "While I love the heat of the battle on match days it has become increasingly harder to get myself up for training," Kennedy said.

Manly coach Des Hasler said he understood the reasons behind Kennedy's decision. "He said when he came he would give us two seasons of everything he had and he continues to do that," Hasler said.

Manly CEO Pat Wilson said the club appreciated Kennedy's early decision. "We would have given Ben as long as he wanted to make up his mind but he said he would tell us after six rounds and he has done that. "He is such an inspirational player and leader but he is with us for the 2006 season and that is something the supporters will enjoy in each match he plays, " Wilson said.

Kennedy issued an apology to the media today for not being available for personal interviews.

"I promised my wife Emma and the kids that I would spend a day with them away from football and I am trying to do that," He said.


Hopefully we can do it for BK this year... the bloke is extremely talented and i believe he has just about single handedly brang manly back to being genuine contenders rather than the easy beats we have been the last few years.... he will be sorely missed but with guys like cuthbo and glenn stewart coming through... they will now have their chance to make a real fist of it!!


Kim Jong Dan
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make hime forwards coach, sack Blocker, move kite to second row and buy a top line prop


If beaver goes on to announce that he will retire at the end of the year also.... for the next 18 weeks or so everyone pulling on a maroon and white jersey should play every game until there ring hangs out.....


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its sad to see him go but hey maybe it's for the best he said the off season made it a real struggle to come back this year. Imagine after another gruelling season.

Good Luck BK


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With BK making up his mind that 2006 will be his last season,i am sure we will hear soon that Beaver will stay for another year at least.We will have to make sure we all appreciate the rest of this season watching BK in the Mighty Maroon And White..


Kim Jong Dan
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There is light at the end of the tunnel however

Without dropping BK, Cuthbo can fill in his role, as he has a similar style of play. What Des should be doing is giving Cuthbo as much game time as possible playing along side BK so he can learn from him and take over his role next year (Not captain, so put your barks back in your mouths)

Basically if Cuthbo can learn to adapt his style to be a bit more like Kenedys and not much work needs to be done there, then we can use the money BK was on elsewhere on bringin new props/talent to the club


First Grader
What a legend, he made his decision early so we could work on recruiting other players.

Beaver will stay. imo

I would expect huge crowds for the last few rounds.


Sad to see BK go as he will be hard to replace. At least it means that beaver will probably stay one more year. Des will now also have to give Cuthbo a lot more time off the bench to get him ready for a starting spot next year.

If the cap goes up to $4m next year and BK gone then we will have quite a lot of money to spend on new players.

And we can thank Frank Stanton for us only having BK for two years. We could have signed him when he was at manly rugby but Stanton said that he wouldn't make it.

Obviously Frank had no idea about talent.


Make Manly Great Again #Hasler2019
we have alot to be thankful for with BK
i only wish we could have got him to manly earlier


That's disappointing, I would have thought he could go one more year, he seems to be managed better here than any other place going by his lack of serious injuries. No doubt he'll be around the club with Delmege looking after him in "retirement".


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Nutzcraw you cannot be serious about Glen Stewart! His brother is a magnificent player but Glen is not 1st grade material - he has a chances albeit they have been limited and he has not impressed me one little bit. I put him in the Michal Blake class of living off his brothers shirtails


Journey Man
bummer but at least we dont lose both beaver and bk in one year - that would be the end of the season.

I dont think Kite can play in the back row any more - doesnt have the mobility he used to but if he can adapt and there is a better prop up for grabs then im all for it. Otherwise a dig at a good backrower is on the cards


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Glen Stewart's alright, actually. He tackles his heart out, much like Willow, yet also offers some in attack as he has good ball handling abilities. The only thing he has going against him is his size, or lack thereof.

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