Kennedy in doubt


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Apparently little chance of Hill playing. Kennedy doubtful but a chance.

Interesting selection issues if both are out.

Obviously Creary is replacing Hoppa. Believe there is a real chance that Steve Matai will be brought up from Premiers. He has been playing very well there and was my man of the match by a mile last week's 52 to 4 win against Newtown.

They could play Menzies in the centres but that would mean they would have to bring up two forwards. Maybe Cleal and Tutt, or Cuthbertson who can also play second row.

I'd prefer to see the Matai option.
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I'm told Tezza is 50/50.

I agree that Matai should be bought up. There's no point in weakening what has been a lethal back row, especially if Kennedy is doubtful, to shore up the Centres. The young bloke might as well be given a go!


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If kennedy isnt going to play I need to change my tip.

I rekon bring up cuthbo and put matai in the centres
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:eek:( :eek:( :eek:( :eek:( :eek:(

If we lose Kennedy, the bloke who made all of the crucial tackles last week and talks it up all day. Hill, who also talks it up and gets people in position in defense, we are gonna struggle big time.

I wouldn't mind completely if these blokes were injured as long as we had G Stewart, Hicks or Alberts and the likes to replace them, but we don't!

We are going to struggle big time this weekend without some of these blokes, and I am just pissed off that it only took 2 rounds for these 2 to have a fall.

If they are both out I'd start with Beaver at lock and Harris and Watmough in the 2nd row. Mattai in the centres, and bring either Cuthbo or Tutt up onto the bench.

I hate to say it but that side resembles way too close to last year.................lets just hope the turnstiles don't come back into business.
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If BK is out we will struggle.

Mind you our injury list will be one of the biggest - however it wont be noted in the media that we have 5 - 7 players missing.

Is cuthbo ready for first grade yet?? Has Cleal improved on last year?? Is Tutt any better?? Or will we bring up Bryant who is solid and more experienced?

It certainly will hurt without BK. It would take a Man of the year performance from Monas to get up without his talkers against the storm.

We can do it though.



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tutt is pretty good but from the games I have seen suthbertson in I reckon bring him up
1. Stewart
2. Donald
3. Stephenson
4. Matai
5. Creary
6. Witt
7. Monas
8. Kite
9. Randall
10. Heckenberg
11. Beaver
12. Watmough
13. Williamson

Subs: Dunley Lulu Harris Cuthberston/Cleal/Tutt

If their all out. Massively understrengthed.
Very inexperienced backline i must add. How good has Stepho been going though? when i watched the game again on tv.. he was very solid in defence. Credit to the lad for fixing it up. Keep it up.

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