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4 for 20 odd in the 20/20 game.

Not a bad effort.

Funny how this forum has become as quiet as a non-Hillsong church all of a sudden.
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No,leave him on the sidelines for the entire tour please.

He is the bowler I fear the most in the pace quartet
[blockquote Eagle"]No,leave him on the sidelines for the entire tour please.

He is the bowler I fear the most in the pace quartet[/blockquote]

C'mon, he is good bowler, but seriously he is no McGrath, Gillespie or Lee.
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Volley. The reason I have that opinion is because of a few reasons.

He is able to swing and seam the ball both ways,and always seems to have the knack of picking up the wickets when required and has developed the ability to bowl very well on dead pitches which is invaluable

McGrath,if you are good enough you can leave and wit for him to come to you,Lee is very good for the 1st 4-5 overs but you can get onto him after that.

Gillespie is more in the Kasprowicz mould
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Kaspa tends to fire on the pitches that the others cant. He rightly deserves his place in the team - but the problem is so do the three others.

The reason the cricket forum has been so quiet is that there hasnt been any cricket.

Funny that
There is no comparison seriously between Kaspa and McGrath in my opinion. One is very good, the other is one of the all time greats (the records speak for themselves). Gillespie in my opinion is a class above Kaspa also.
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Attacks work in partnerships just like Batting. The Aussies complement each other well. Look how we went last year when McGrath and Warnie were out?
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McGrath, Lee and Kasper all played in the game on Saturday.

I think we now know why Kiwi wanted Kasper to bowl over there 0/62.

One thing you can say for Lee is that when he gets belted like that he still takes wickets.

Lee bowled well, 3/41.

McGrath great like usual - 4/16

On recent form in ODI's McGrath and Lee have been our best 2.
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You can bowl well and take 0 - 40, bowl badly and take 3 for 55.

Consistency and ability to bowl well under pressure is important.

Who would the Kiwis rather face???

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