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Journey Man
Can we have some nominees of people that are prepared to be on a panel of jurors to preside over a discussion on the evidential approach to the existence (or otherwise) of a "higher being"?
yep, I d love the opportunity to vote against Dan...........or does that not make me impartial??
exactly, impartial means I have the right to dismiss you from the jury
You have the right??

who died and made you god?? :)

MAtas is the one convening this Jury, and his is the only recognised authority in this particular case.

If I need a suggestion for arcade machine or hair product I'll know where to look :)
That is correct matabele. I will dismiss Fro on the grounds of bias and inability to be impartial.

May I suggest Manly Backer and Ryan?

Jury matters are different, each person pics the people with the background etc that they think will help their case.
I for instance suggested 2 who i do not know their pre-disposition but whom i think are more closely alligned with my thoughts, therefore the burden of proof is on Matabele to prove to them beyond reasonable doubt that there is a god. If they are convinced then likely I would be too
I'm happy with MB and Ryan if they want to be involved.

I nominate PJ and Clontaago (whom I suspect are also more inclined towards Dan's view?)
agree with PJ and clontaago. How large does Jury have to be? do we go the full 12?
What, No Sue or Vegas?

or as I like to call them, Porthos and Athos.

or even Dewey and Lewey
Does this mean I get put up in a (hopefully 4+ star) hotel along with free feed and drink? Do I then have to listen to 384 cross arguments? Sheesh - there had better be a bottle worth more than $30 somewhere in my room :)

Jury matters are different, each person pics the people with the background etc that they think will help their case.

Or at least not harm it, dependant on which side they are on
no i will just buy your vote on saturday night :D
Whatever Dan, I shall not even protest.

Because if I'm right, you're not just fighting me (and if I'm right I might have spies everywhere).

So Dan, nominate some more. You'll notice I'm loading the jury your way.

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