Judiciary- What a joke

Kiwi Eagle

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Matai gone for 2 weeks with an early guilty plea, Gallen, Talaupapa, Watts all 1 week with early guilty plea

They are turning the game into netball ffs


Im a big fan of Steve but he is becoming a liability.
He has let the team down way too many times. Give Neumann a go, at least he wants to be part of the team.


Journey Man
So Matai has been charged with head butting?

Great result really. We don't have Matai and they don't have Gallen.


Journey Man
BECOMING Pepi? He was a liability a long time ago. Means once again, the mighty Beaver will probably play centre..... a position he's not comfortable playing, but most importantly, not happy playing.

Jatz Crackers

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\"Contrary Conduct\" is the term used for those 4, Matais 96 carry over gaining him an extra week

That tells the story. If the charge was headbutting or striking, the defence would simply be that it did not actually occur, which is supported from the video footage i have seen.


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Is anyone yousurprised by this??? He is thickhead who constantly givs away penalties and always being spoken to by referees.

I have to disagree with Pepi and the Neumann call. His is not yet up to NRL standard defensively - evident in the Panthers and St George games where he was exposed.


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Also throwing the ball could have meant we conceded posession after we got that penalty. As I've said many times he really needs to learn discipline. A few weeks in PL might do the trick.

Kiwi Eagle

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Wonder how many weeks that would be worth these days ?

Kiwi Eagle

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Another question to ponder

The Matai incident
The Morris shove of Robertson into the cameras

What is more dangerous ?


Journey Man
They may as well contest the charge given that he will get two weeks regradless of whether he contests or takes an early plea.

Nothing to lose and some possibility of gain (if we assume we want him in the side).


Journey Man
Naturally. Though Stuart said on last night's news that the two blokes that joined the fight were "stupid" whcih would indicate he agrees with the charges?


Winging it
KE is right - the Morris shove was ugly. Matai is always going to be in the "I told you so" category. I believe we will have had him available for a total of 5 games in 17 if he gets 2 weeks and that is just not good enough for an international. And please, don't even talk about Beaver as someone in similar circumstances as they are completely different people.

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