Josh White leaves Manly to return to the Bears



From the bears website. Lets hope that White doesn't take any of our players from the Manly flegg team to norths.

North Shore Times – 09/09/05 – David Rowlands

White returns to coach Bears

Filling the coaching position at the North Sydney Premier League side has become like a game of musical chairs after the resignation of Gary Freeman.

The popular ex-Kiwi international has parted company with the Bears to concentrate on his media commitments.

And in a remarkable twist, the club has appointed his predecessor as his successor.

Josh White will take the reins after being forgiven for the dramas of 12 months ago, when he walked out on the club.

After guiding Norths’ Jersey Flegg team to the finals in 2004, White was promoted as Gary Larson’s Premier League replacement, but was only in the job for a matter of days before he accepted an offer to coach Manly’s under-20s.

Fortunately for Norths, they were able to appoint Freeman, a former Tesr coach who did an outstanding job.

“It’s disappointing to lose someone of Gary’s calibre,” Norths general manager Greg Florimo said.

“His passion and enthusiasm were outstanding. He commanded the respect of all the players and I think that was reflected in their performance on the paddock this year.”

Freeman said he would like to have continued coaching at the club, but couldn’t juggle the role with his duties as a commentator on Fox Sports.

Despite narrowly missing the finals, Freeman has walked away feeling satisfied with his efforts.

“Its disappointing not to make the top eight because we had our chances,” he said.

“We lost four games by two (points) and another four by eight, so we weren’t that far off the money. However, with the resources we’ve had, I think we’ve done pretty well.”

White’s search for new players is already under way and the Bears will begin their build-up to 2006 on the weekend of October 8 and 9 with trials for all age groups, as well a the Premier League.

Hopefully his immediate focus is on retaining current players. White was at the NSO match where we thrashed Balmain so he has an idea how talented they are. I think anyone who played 15 or more games should be re-signed immediately with the other players considered after trials have been held to see what other players are available.

It will also be interesting to see which new players are recruited. I think i read that he was assistant Premier League coach at Manly and i have heard that they will be releasing quite a few of their players (despite finishing 3rd). Anyone who they don't think is a potential NRL is being released apparently. There are quite a few players who are fantastic PL players but will never make NRL, hopefully White can bring a few of these players with him.

Also i hope that any players, from all grades, who come from North Sydney District Clubs will be brought back to play for the Bears. Howveer I think the players that Manly signed from the Bears Jersey Flegg team will most likely be too old to play Flegg again if they were brought back.


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I guess the good thing is that they said "Anyone who is not potential NRL will be released" that is the exact attitude Manly need to take and I am very satisfied to hear that

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