johns-be afraid,be very afraid

that bloke can do halfback i have ever seen.throw in buderus and simpson and sunday wont be any simple assignment my least kennedy and beaver look fine.


man he did look scary didnt he...

If we lose it will be down to him. Lets hope our boys arent afraid of his return.

We really need our forwards to dominate and not give Johnsy too much room.. otherwise he will do what he did tonight.


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Try comparing Johns with the NSW team to Johns with the Knights. It's completely different. I personally feel we will have no problem


I dont know guys. This is the same NSW side that lost earlier... he changed the game completely.

When he passes balls like he did tonight... i dont think the Knights players can lose. They will all be pumped up that hes back.


He's a freak that bloke. Simply superb. Looking very daunting this Sunday.

Menzies, well what can you say. Legend sounds alright.
he may have quigley and carmont around him but he aint got lockyer,thorn and co in front of him iether.i dare say our halves dont hold any great fears for him.he will be fired up to get the knights a win and you can never underestimate a chamion.add to that any pack with buderus and simpson in it are not a joke.i doubt he can do it at brookie but i wont be breaking down the TAB doors tomorrow.


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well I was referring to the posts immediately above mine which were quite clearly a picture of complacency.

I wasnt saying we will lose this game. I was saying if we are complacent we will lose it. Personally I think we will win
obviously we are all very confident about our team deep down.we get dusted by the bunnies by 40 which blind freddy could see coming and here we are worried about playing a side who hasnt won a game at brookvale.why?we have a great pack of forwards and have signed our scheming and creative captain for 3 whole years at halfback.onwards and upwards i say........all we need is a centre and everything is just honky dory.


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Best halfback display i've ever seen. With great players around him he is unstoppable.

And I was silly enough to think monas was better in 2005!

But lets see how he performs with his lower class teammates!

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The classic thing about champions is that they turn it on when it is needed.

Two ways to look at this weekend:

1. Joey will lift the Knights and give them direction and soul.

2. He will be exhausted and flat as a result and try hard but not be able to bring off the plays needed.

Whichever way it is we must deny him the field position and not allow him to dictate.
we should beat them cw.i think we will.if we dont i seriously believe we will be very lucky to stay in the eight with the tigers away without bk and beaver then down the track a nightmare final run in(brisbane,cowboys,saints,canberra away ,cronulla away etc).but as i said -we should sneak in on sunday with a full pack.

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It looks as though Buderus is in doubt - he is having a MRI on his ankle today. Even if he does play on Sunday he couldn't be 100%.

It was lucky for us beaver spent his time playing on the wing/centre. He should be pretty fresh by Sunday.


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JOhns was sensational - but he had the players running for him all game. Fortunatly for us the knights players around him do not have the same endurance and adrenaline for a club game. Also Gidley is a bit short of anasta who i thought played a well timed sidekick role. Stepped in when johns needed a rest and game him plenty of room when needed. Joey has to be tired, ran his ass off.

Fingers crossed bedsy wont play.

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