Johns and the Dally M


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From SMH:

Andrew Johns, the odds-on favourite for this year's Dally M, won't be in attendance when the award winner is announced on Tuesday night but Fox Sports is trying to organise a live cross to him in England. Johns, who will make his Warrington debut next week, is scheduled to fly out on Monday and will also miss the Knights' Mad Monday celebrations. It would be the first time the player of the year was absent from the presentation.

My question is why would they have a live link to England if he wern't the winner?


Kim Jong Dan
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it shouldnt be awarded because of that i reckon. If he can't attend he can't win


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I agree. Problem I see though is fox going to great lengths and I suspect dollars to get a live feed to england... for what reason? What a waste of time if he's not the winner?


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Dan, really? I thought the award is given out because of you're performances during the year. Not if you can make it to the Town hall on a Tuesday night on time?

There probably doing a feed to him to add more worth to his profile. He is the golden boy after all and has to work for the contract payments from NINE to sign with the NRL :)

But I don’t think he was the best player anyhow. Hopefully BK gets it.


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I dont think he will win it but I bet Brett Stuart will be high up on the list. He has had a sensational season.

Is there a most improved catagory? Watmough for mine.


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Being out for 6-8 weeks wouldn't have helped and he didn't play well when he came back.
he is the best player most of us have ever seen.he has lifted a team who did not win a game for 15 weeks to compete and beat almost any side in the one else in the world could even aspire to do that.he deserves it entirely. bk was absolutely magnificent as well.


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Yeah - but it still doesn't discount hiim getting the award is boooooriiiing.

Give us something new.


Winging it
What sue said. Johns effort in SOO2 was beyond belief after his injury. The Knights picked up next to nobody in the off-season yet he returns and all of the team suddenly go from zeros to heros.


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Stewart wont finish in the top 10. BK has a huge chance, he was 11 points ahead of Johns (and leading) when the ballot closed to the public.

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