Jason Wells


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I have to say I like the looks of this bloke. Has quite a bit of size and mobility about him and perhaps he has been delayed in coming into First Grade for development reasons.

Given Choc and Glenn aren't the largest backrowers in the comp, Wells might be the bloke that gives us a bit of size and the ability to bend the line and offload.

Will be interesting to see how he comes on.

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His induction has impressed me. Seems to be concentrating on making minimal errors and working with the team instead of being heroic. Seems to be the focus of how Des wants players to graduate into the team.

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He will want to cement a position in the firsts with us pretty soon since he didn't get a look in at the Bulldogs when he was with them.


an early call, you may be right?

atm, he is doing no better than Glenn Stewart was in 2005. He comes across a bit Haldan-ish...can just hold his own, but won't see anything worthy. He's young and has his future ahead of him.

he has to somehow get ahead of Stewart, Watmough, Menzies, Cuthbo, Hall, Kite, King, (Rose?), Bryant, Perry & Jack in 2008


He is a "traditional" ball playing lock, is a strong runner but also has great ball skills
Played some 5/8th in his junior days.
21 tackles and 2 hitups in 23 minutes was not a bad effort for his second game.
Manly lead 18-6 when he was replaced.
Good stats both games so far.
Will only improve I believe.
Maybe a bench spot 2008.


Wells has really excelled in PL this year and has looked pretty good since he's been at the club. He'll definitely be in firsts next year, even if it's in somewhat of an up & down way.
Just like Cuthbo & Glenn he's easing his way in & along with Halden, is sure to explode when the time is right.
Of the guys to start the year in PL, Wells, Cuthbo, Jack, Ballin, Bani, Meaney & Halden have always stood out. They could all handle first grade regularly & I think next year Sione & Trembath will add themselves to the list.
They all just need to be given a bit of time. Ballin is the exception rather than the rule.


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We were going alright at the start of the year, since then Cuthbo, Afa, Ballin, Wells and Halden have all spent alot of time out of the team

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