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He had a better than normal start to the game. Then he dissapeared. Im not sure if he was injured or not but if he was on the field, he needs a kick up the ass.


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he was good for 4 minutes then never seen again.

did he come back on after Kylie or Hecks replaced him?

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That's because he did nothing else.

The commentators didn't ask where he was, why he wasn't being brought back on, whether he was injured etc etc. Maybe they just forgot about him and thought we had 17 players and not 16 to take on the minor premiers.

For the life of me I can't understand why Mark Bryant wasn't rewarded for his fine form this season with a finals appearance.


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For the life of me I can't understand why Mark Bryant wasn't rewarded for his fine form this season with a finals appearance.

the only reason I can come up with is they are trying to justify his salary (Kings) and cut back on match payments for Bryant.


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watch out Barks will be on to you and claim that Jason King is a legend and should play every game.....


One hitup for 8 metres.

I didn't think that he could outdo his Cronulla effort but he did. And in manly's biggest game of the year.

He should get into the gym and put some miles into his legs so that they can carry his body.

Why the hell wasn't Bryant playing?


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That was King's best 5 minutes all year. Then 15 minutes of nothing and taken off not to be seen again. Same ****, different week. Bryant has had a decent go in every game I have watched and should have been there. He is in the same mould as Hecks. No world beater but willing to mix it up in the heat.


watching for Blockers article , "King has secretly being playing with injury!!!!"

my back side hes being playing with injury, should be more like " Jason King has secretly been playing with no ability!"

sorry secrets out Kingey!!!!!


Isn't it time we recruited a "tough as guts" front rower. Jason King is a lightweight, the thought of Mark Bryant running at me and my Fred Flinstone physique doesn't scare me or the aging family pomeranian for that matter. Can someone also tell me why Brent Kite appears to jog all the time with the ball instead of running hard. Brent Kite at full speed, now that would scare me.
I think 2006 must see Danial Heckanberg finally show us what he can do.


I'd ship King off into St Vinnies Darlinghurst for a heart transplant,as thru his efforts this year its quite obvious that he's seriously in need one.Deplorable all year and how he puts his hand out for a pay packet is just as shameful.Shame on you King..sod off and don't darken Brookie with any more of your pathetic attempts at calling yourself a professional football player.

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