Jason King Rumours

he looked thinner back then though...

Mata, thats true about the stats.. but it is harder to run when you have so much weight to carry. Think about your current weight and add about 40 kilos on top. It would be hard to run as fast and hard and longer as the other players.

This is a big problem imo. Stuff premier league.. drop him completely.. let him go to the Gym only. We should of done this earlier.
he needs to build them up for sure, but needs to do that out of harms way
The gym option has been done before with a rugby player over here.

He took 6 months off and just worked in the gym to bulk his frame up.
Is it really true that he has built himself up too much for his legs or is it just an excuse?

I cannot believe in day and age that Manly would let a first grade player get into such condition that he can no longer run or tackle. Surely this must be a first for rugby league? Can anyone think of any other player that this has happened to?

Perhaps it is a case of body too big to match the heart?
Perhaps he should be allowed to play in an electric wheelchair it would no doubt improve his mobility
(this is just a joke vice, barks whoever)
The bloke is earning an estimated $200,000 each year. Surely to goodness that's enough for him to do the odd squat and leg press.
Look at that useless cat behind him.

Hasn't he been a revelation for the Storm this year?

That photo is worse than a kitty litter.
Actually without telling my Mum what we were talking about we asked her to take a look at the first pic in this thread. And her to look at the guy in middle. She then said, "the guy with teh chicken legs".

So my Mum can even tell his legs are too thin in comparision to the rest of his body.
for some obscure reason he made the city side with skinny legs.for some obscure reason he got picked in the origin train on side with skinny legs.he showed all this "potential" with skinny legs.

this is classic stuff.we are now pinpointing a bloke and saying "if he had big legs he could be anything".

there are plenty of rangy props to have played the game and very well.he is a joke.
the City Origin thing was a farce. Dont know why they picked him. He hasnt played well for a year or two now.
It was basically, "Manly are playing really well at the moment, lets go over their team list and see which names we recognise."
credit where credit is due King has a much better game today against one of the best packs in the competition.
[quote author=Matabele]
Look at that useless cat behind him.

Hasn't he been a revelation for the Storm this year?

That photo is worse than a kitty litter.

That's Brendon Reeves, 2003.
[/quote]Ian Donnelly isn't it?

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