Jason King Rumours


sorry to dissapoint.. hes not leaving... :lol:

but raised on ME.com was a photo of Jason King with some of the other manly boys... may be a one off but goes well with the rumours of his body not being right for his legs!


Thats pretty scary the size of his legs. May explain his lack of leg drive.. how the hell does he carry himself. I think he has alot of work to do in the off season. All these injuries and lack of training have really exposed his lack of leg size.. hes got to hit the gym big time. We may just see him return to the form of old, we may not.. but just a freaky picture.

Please try and keep it constructive.. its not about whether hes good enough or **** etc..


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It doesn't look like a rumour to me,but a fact.He has not got the leg's to hold that torso up.It is a wonder he doesn't topple over..He has to do some leg training in the off season,pump plenty of weight's.I hope Hecks makes a surprise return on sunday.Put Princess in P/L and start with Hecks.


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Regardless of the size of his legs. It doesn't justify a prop making only three hit-ups in 35 minutes of play.


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his jumper seams cleaner than others as well!

I resident defender of all that is evil and anti Manly I have to say that King was wearing a new jersey last weekend. Don't know why, dont't care why but his jersey was obvioulsy a new one when compared to the other players kit.

In this instance your Honour I have no further defence for defendant and I will now invite the prosecution to execute, oops sorry cross examine my client.


I reckon Roy and HG would have a field day with nicknames for Jason especially going off this photo
Remember they used to call Steve Walters 'Cumquat'
...very funny.

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I heard a rumour King was a first grade footy player

At this stage am unable to confirm this scandalous rumour

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