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Jarryd Hayne, the forgotten man


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Jun 22, 2012
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I have attempted translation:


HAYNE: Hey bro, what’s doing?

Hello Mitchel. What activities have you been partaking in today?

PEARCE: What are you doing, brother?

Id rather not divulge my movements but how about we chat about you my good friend....

HAYNE: (Chuckles) Oh ...

Well things have been better....

PEARCE: You under the pump?

Are you in trouble?


Why are you asking good friend?

PEARCE: Who’s this sheila coming out saying something about ya?

Who is this young lady thats come out and made accusations about you Jared?

HAYNE: Oh she’s, f**k, she’s from Newie, bro

Just a young Newcastle local I met the other week.

PEARCE: Newie?

From Newcastle! really?

HAYNE: Full-blown weirdo. Yeah.

After conversing with her over snapchat and Instagram i have decided shes a bit weird. Althou i loved the nude pictures she sent me,

PEARCE: What, who, who is she? Are you under the pump?

Do you even know her name? what have you done this time you big friendly bear....

HAYNE: Yeah. Ask, you know what, ask your boys if you – there’s a couple of your boys might know her, bro. F**kin’...

I have an idea. could you ask around if any of the boys know her or have had relations with her so i can attempt to sully her name in public will you?

PEARCE: What’s, what’s her name, bro?

You cant remember her name can you?

HAYNE: I’ll have a look. It’s (says name)

No i cant. let me just check Instagram. oh wow. its ,,,,,,,,, who would have guessed that?

PEARCE: (Woman’s name.) I’ll ask the boys. What, did you put it on her on Instagram and she wigged out, or you hooked up with her?

i will ask around for you because that's what brothers from different mothers do. Did you send her another dick pic?

HAYNE: Nah. She was just sending me all these, all these nude snaps, bro, on Snapchat and that wanting...

I dont send dick pics Mitchel! She just kept sending me naked photos of herself. I was like ergh. no more please....


Really. sounds horrible...

HAYNE: … (Stutters) wanting to link up, link up; said “yeah, yeah”. Then I was in Newie, I was like, oh, I’ll pop in on the way home. So I did that and then f**kin she was filthy cause the cab was out the front. I said, “Oh well, mate, I’m only going to be here for, you know, (laughs) a short time.” She just …

She wanted to meet up so i said of course. can i collect you at 7pm? I got to Newcastle a bit early and was busy so i said can i just pop by after I'm done at my event. so i booked a cab and as you know its a bugger to get a cab in Newcastle so i said to the cab to wait outside for me. xxxxxxx took it like i only wanted to have sexual relations and was very upset.


Well i cant believe that.

HAYNE: Wigged out. And then, um, went – like I watched a bit of the grand final with her old girl. (Laughs)

I know yeah. so she was very upset and i thought i should leave the room for a moment so i went and spoke to her Mum thinking she might be interested in some boom boom. turns out she supports the roosters so that wasn't going to happen....


Like yeah. perhaps i should pop round? How old was she?

HAYNE: Come, come back and we were just fooling around and she like, she like bled a little bit. It was weird.

After speaking to her mum i decided to apologise for acting all weird and went back to see her...


You didnt?????

HAYNE: I was like f**k …

I felt ashamed of my behaviour so.....

PEARCE: And then she wigged out and that … going on …

You went to say sorry and she got all weird yes?

HAYNE: Then, then she just wigged out. I said, “Listen, nah you’re sweet.” I said, “F**kin my like my fingernail must have clipped you, that’s all.” There was …

I made up a BS excuse about my fingernail and the manicure I had down at the Chinese place in Westfield.


No way!

HAYNE: … nothing major. Like, it was just a little bit. Full wigged out. Said, “Nah, nah, it’s sweet, sweet.” So we watched a bit of, um, bit of like, um, like f**kin music videos and that. I was like “Oh, OK, I’d, I’d better go now,” rah-rah-rah. And then she was just like filthy that I left her there. (Laughs) I was like, what the f**k?

I realised id done a **** thing but couldn't bring myself to apologise. She had every right to be angry but given i have the mental age of a 6 month old i just tried to ignore her... lah lah lah lah lah lah... i think it worked well.

PEARCE: And then, what, she just wigged, wigged out and called the papers and that.

I have a feeling that perhaps it didn't go as well as you are making out. are the papers involved?

HAYNE: Yeah bro. Just today, trying to say that I was aggressive and she said, “No, no, no.” I’m like, nate, f**k, I didn’t get my pants off. Like, what the f**k?

They could be. I'm not sure as I've had my head buried up my own arse for so long I dont even know what day of the week it is. I cant have been a bad boy mummy as i didn't even get my little willy out. honestly.

PEARCE: What …

You didn't get it out? was there a dog in the house? i might visit...

HAYNE: Oh, bro

Mate. don't touch a pooch again brother you know once you start again you wont be able to stop....

PEARCE: distorted transmission … Yeah have you got a lawyer and that?

I can stop any time i like. well sort of. can i send you my lawyers details?

HAYNE: Yeah, yeah, nah, I spoke to my lawyer and that. Oh mate, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll get her in defamation easy. Like …

Ive thrown a load of cash at my scumbag lawyer already and he will make it go away like magic. he promised.


Your F u c k e d.....

HAYNE: Bro. Full-blown – like the next, the next day she was trying to message, message me going, you know, “I’m in the park, this that.” I’m going “Mate, f**kin” …

The next day i tried to make it better. I even sent her a snapchat photo of my D1@k. that's sure to keep her happy.

PEARCE: I’m what?

Send it to me too brother. id like to see that....

HAYNE: “I’m in a park by myself. I don’t feel safe.” I’m like (laughs) what the f**k?

Im crying like a baby. im scared Mitch. hold me bro....

PEARCE: Trying to wig you out and that?

You stay strong mate. together we can get thru this.

HAYNE: Oy, bro, I’ve got to go, bro. My lawyer’s calling me. I’ve got to go.

I need to go. my Lawyer calling and he wants more cash.

PEARCE: Yeah, when are you up in Newie next, bro? We’ll catch up. When you around?

when you get out in 15 look me up mate. I wont be around and blank you but hey thats life bro...

HAYNE: Oh, I’ll let you know, brother, I’ll let you know.

Im so lucky to have a solid in my life like you Mitch.

PEARCE: All right bro. Look after yourself. See ya bro.

Damm right you half wit **** up. piss off...

HAYNE: All right ledge. Bye-bye.

See you soon dog boy. woof woof lick lick....

So funny.


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Nov 30, 2017
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He has given new meaning to the phrase “eating her out”.

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Nov 28, 2015
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The Who

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Jun 29, 2010
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Having seen video of Hayne entering court there is little chance he'll ever play in the backline again for an NRL club. If he has any future in RL it will be as a forward.


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Feb 13, 2016
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Isn't Hayne the 2nd NRL player who liked biting ****s ??


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Sep 4, 2018
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I wanna hear your guess before someone tells ya!
I don't know what wigging is either lol lol. Do you dress up with wigs on? But in any case in my mind Hayne is in deep deep trouble whether he wore a wig or didn't! Being half smart when giving evidence and changing your story it seems to try and make sure it is seen as consensual leads you to believe it wasn't.

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Nov 28, 2015
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