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Did he dive or didn't he?

Personally, I have been KO'd a few times in footy games and i've seen plenty 1st hand.

I reckon he milked it for all it was worth.

Its gotta be the first time i've seen a player move him legs to get comfortable while unconscious.
Fingers crossed but it's to hard to rule any kind of charge. It was a good act but I was no where near convinced.

According to Bennett and a few Broncos players he carried on like a fool after the incident on the field. Maybe if the cameras picked something up.
I need to add though, by fool I mean he was apparently rubbing it in that he got away with stalling the play for nearly 2 mins when if the broncos scored I'm convinced they would win.
Why didn't the ref just allow play to continue?

Don't they stop play only if an injured person is in the way?

If they don't stop this rot then every fullback will fein being hurt and give their team a chance to get back on side.

Another issue the NRL has failed to act on and set proper guidelines.
When you see Harry Kool and a few other soccer players yellow carded for diving you wonder what is going on in League!!!!!

Leave it for the nancy boys!!
He deadset milked that for all it was worth.

I don't think however that the ref was wrong to stop play because it may well have been a serious injury.

The problem was the fact he pretty much got up 2 minutes later and carried on like he milked it.

I agree with Bennett on this one, he should have a contrary conduct charge layed against him for bringing the game into disrepute.
It was definately a dive. Happened right in front of us.

Problem is he has copped all the flack because Bennett brought it up in the media(not blaming Bennett, someone had to say it). Players do it every week. Kennedy did it in an origin game!

The majority of players today do it. Whether they are coached that way or are just sooks I don't know?

As for penalising? Without a medical report, how do we know for sure if the injury is fair dinkum or not?
Des Hasler has been quoted on Sportal website as saying that the NRL should take action against diving and play acting and suspend people for it.

Very hard to prove!!
Reports are that Michael Innes is being investigated by the match review commity for a dive.

Hayne apparently has no case to answer.

Wayne Bennet will most certainly be pleased...

Although Innes did take a dive looked up to see if the ref was watching and then lay down again.
You blokes are dead set spelling Nazi's.

Is this a bloody footy website or a spelling bee ;)
Mate, when you tarnish the great Craig Innes by confusing his surname with a Broncos clown, you must be corrected
Just an idea. In football when a player pretends to be injured (i.e. stays down) he is taken off on a stretcher and can not return until the next break in play

What not implement this in League? i.e. Hayne would have gone off on a stretcher. If he is really injured then replace him otherwise there is no incentive to fake an injury. Also this ensures that any injured players are treated.

What do you think?
This scenario reminds me of a game of Aussie Rules I was watchying as a kid. Michael Tuck, playing for Hawthorn was being stretchered off. The ball came near to the stretcher and he jumped up, got the ball and kicked it on to some other guy who kicked a goal. Was an absolute joke but I laughed and laughed.

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