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Did anyone happen to see his king hit on stosic in the rabbitohs game.

I haven't but apparently it was off the ball incident and very bad.


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It was very bad. It was not quite as bad as the hit Danny Williams put on a few years ago, but he chased the bloke and clouted him twice in the head. A real brain explosion. He'll be scrubbed for at least 10 weeks.

So much for the "Souths revival". They are back to their ill-disciplined dickhead ways and slipping fast. I wonder when we are going to start seeing stories analysing Manly's revival? Grand Final week?

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It was a good punch, he was out cold before he hit the ground. Got him flush on the jaw. It wasn't really a king hit, the guy was looking at him and had hold of his jumper. It was just a nice right cross. Having said that he'll go for it.

You could hear Lowe over the refs mike saying something like "he grabbed me by the effin balls". I'd say the Titans player gave him a bit of squirrel grip action in the tackle and he wasn't too happy about it.


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A few people have said he was squirrel gripped in a tackle. I'm watching the game now so I'll see if anything went on.

As for our revival stories I wouldn't count on it. I was talking to the missus about the game before we even played and how the favourite tag is being thrown around a little early in the season.

She summed it up perfectly. "It doesn't matter if beat the storm by 60. All that will prove is that the Storm 'aren't' favorites. We'll just have to listen to some bull**** about the cowboys now".


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wasnt a king hit, he came at him from the front, but still a cheap shot and will be rubbed out for a while


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Yep, there was a good old squirrel grip in there. Very obvious too.

You can see stosic lying on the tackle, he falls of the back and you see him go in with a second effort, his left arm reaches under lowe (who is on all fours trying to get up) and takes a fist full or sack and gives it a good squeeze.

I think both players will find themselves in a spot of trouble.


As punishment they should make stosic walk around oxford street nude for a week to se if he likes being squirrel gripped every five seconds.


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OK! Kiwi Eagle, obviously squirrel gripping isn't in the mongrel department. Good for you son. We'll make a list of what is.

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You want a list ?

Ok then

When running the ball, hitting the line with aggression and keeping the legs pumping.
In defence, making hits that send the players backwards, are dominant, and makes them think twice about running at you again.

Basically controlled aggression in all areas, pushing the boundries in most areas, without intentional bull****, eg head highs, king hits etc

Hope all that wasnt too complex for ya champ


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12 weeks would be a disgraceful punishment. Maybe 5 or 6 max when you consider the ball tampering.

The guy was looking at him when he punched him, wasnt like the Williams/O'Neill incident. How come this should be a 12 week sentence when you see punches thrown in a game every few weeks, remember Mason on Fielden in the Tri Nations?

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The difference is that Delaney didnt really have a chance to fight back, Lowe had his jersey and delaney could do stuff all from there and wanted no part in a fight, add in the fact that he had to chase him over 5m to do it, and Delaney was pretty much defenceless.

Mason didnt chase the bloke, and Fielden showed some desire for some biff. They were toe to toe with no holding and didnt move to get to each other

My 10-12 weeks comes from the fact that Webb got 5, and Williams got something like 15-18, and i rate it as in the middle of those 2


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I need to see the incident again as I have only seen it once, but 12 weeks is harsh imo when punches in previous games have gone by without punishment. The end result is always the same, no matter who started or didnt want to fight. Remember Tallis on Ben Ross (It think) he didnt want to fight tried to walk away before the big ape unleashed 5+ punches on him.3

Also dont remember Webbs incident.
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