Jake Arthur

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Arthur is a big improvement on Cooper Johns, but I really hope we don't end up needing him in the 17 too much. He'd struggle to crack first grade at just about any club.


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Welcome aboard Jake!

Now, if you play at the same time as Jake T, get used to hearing the refs shout your name.

Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake 50 times per set. But know it's for Jurbo.

I hope you do well (even though I'm certain reading this forum isn't high on your priorities atm.)

For us on ST - Jake Arthur has also played in a GF recently which er, umm, Manly..um -kicks stones-, ah, mumble.


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Welcome aboard Jake!

Now, if you play the same time as Jake T, get used to hearing the refs shout your name.

Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake 50 times per set. But know it's for Jurbo.

I hope you do well (even though I'm certain this forum isn't high on your priorities atm.)

PS: Jake has also played in a GF recently which er, umm, Manly..um -kicks stones-, ah, mumble.

That's a good point. Before we signed Arthur only one of our current squad had played a first grade Grand Final - DCE who's played 2.

We've got Origin players (DCE, Jake, Turbo, Woods). We've got Internationals (Aloiai, DCE, Koula, Haumole, Shoe, Jake, Turbo, Tuilagi, Tuipulotu, Woods). But only 2 who have played a Grand Final. And only one of them has played in a Grand Final for Manly.

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Good move for JA to leave Parra, he used to get slammed non-stop it seemed by the fans (I check out 1EE sometimes), frankly he needed to do a Mental Health Move. I think over time he might develop into a proper 1G NRL player, I really think there is some proper upside in him, and the Manly system will help him work that out. A worthwhile depth and possibilities signing.

This suggests we may have decided Cooper J is not a 1G player, let's hope he sets out to prove everyone wrong, good luck to him.


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The sudden signing kind of caught us all off guard.....and the problem with us Silvertails and I'm as expectant as any, we hope for the Can Murray or Haas type signings and when it's not it's a bit like - why do we only get the dregs ?
Well I'm putting the hand up and feeling happier with this signing and the options it brings to Manly.
Some interesting opinions about his size making a fast forward option and the fact he is still young, will grow more into his body next 2-3 years and I have a sneaking suspicion could also be an option at dummy half, as can take the line on and has smarts as a ball player and games I have seen him, can tackle too.
Just maybe he is that lock option with mobility, but 100% will start in the 7 in DCE's absence and his position at Eels was only ever in the halves to my knowledge.
If he plays solid footy over this orgin period, could easily hold a spot in the 17.
Would have been a tough gig with dad as coach and this move will give him a chance to simply concentrate on what we want to see - a good young footy player.


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Downside of being the coach's son - when you are picked everyone is going to assume nepotism unless you can back it up on the field, which he rarely did early on.


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Not sure he’ll be a great signing for us, but I’m glad to see the poor kid get away from those rabid Parra fans. I know we have an element of our own fans who bag our players, but I’m pretty sure Parra fans take it to another level. I’ll never forget them throwing coins at Jamie Lyon when Manly played Parra years ago. That element of their supporter base is one of the main reasons I really enjoy seeing them lose.
You’re spot on about Eels fans and even though it’s fair to say, all supporters groups have their bad element, this long Premiership drought has made the majority of them so frustrated and bitter.
I remember how it was for a lot of us early in 2008, after finally making the GF in 2007 but getting beaten. The expectation to go one step further and win the competition was huge. But still, they manage to make the Dragons fans of 15 years ago, look mild by comparison.
To think that kid’s been a Parra fan his whole life and he’s just a backup, not even a highly paid starter. Now he’s had to move clubs to get away from the crap and get some clear air to just play without the rubbish. I hope he goes well, as he also seems like a quality person. Welcome to Manly.


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Thanks for the Jake Arthur article @Budgie

It looks like Jake Arthur has attracted his first Manly supporter convertor

Brad Arthur quote
“I’m proud of how he’s gone back and played in the NSW Cup this year and would have loved for him to stay, but he wants to test himself and prove he can be a regular first-grader. I can’t wait to be able to just go and watch him now and just be a father.”
If Arthur wants a long career at Manly all he has to do is look at what brad parker achieved with hard work. Parker was a bog average reserve grader when he made first grade. Now he is a beast who clobbers contenders for his spot that are supposedly more talented.

Brookie Bob

"I come back to you now at the turn of the tide"
“Jake adds depth to our squad, particularly in the halves,” Seibold said. “We feel he also has got the ability to be a ball-playing forward with his size and defensive capabilities."

Let's hope his weight is a fair bit more than 82kgs when the 'ball-playing forward' role is attempted:

It will be interesting to see how he goes this weekend against the Knights in Newcastle. If I can make it to the game, I'll post a report.

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How many of our current squad have scored a try in a grand final?

Given the pressure he was under at Parra, this is definitely a good move for Arthur. Not so sure it's a great move for us, but I do think he's a solid player with good NRL experience and is an upgrade on our current backups.
Please...,he fell on a ball over the goalline😂
However I look forward to him scoring a try for us in a GF in the near future
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