Jake Arthur

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Based on recent trends this is what Manly's 13 might look like in a few years time.

1. Jayden Campbell
2. Mavrik Geyer
3. Kayal Iro
4. Jack Johns
5. Tyran Wishart
6. Cooper Johns
7. Kyle Flanagan
8. Zane Dunford
9. Billy Walters
10. Jake Arthur
11. Corey Waddell
12. Zac Hosking
13. Bryce Cartwright

14. Jackson Hastings
15. Kade Dykes
16. Jack Cogger
17. Jed Cartwright
Just quietly, I'd be delighted with Iro, Dykes and Geyer ( who is a backrower fyi)

Terry Zarsoff

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From the SMH:

Boy to Manly: Jake Arthur admits nepotism claims at Eels ‘used to get to me’​

By Adrian Proszenko

May 24, 2023 — 5.15am

Jake Arthur is looking forward to the day he goes up against Brad Arthur in the opposing coaches box, revealing the opportunity to forge his own identity away from his father was too good to pass up.

A day after signing up as Manly’s back-up half, Arthur was named as part of an extended bench for Sunday’s clash against Newcastle. It’s a clean break from the family for the promising playmaker, who recently moved out of the family home.

Arthur been the target of social media attacks from some sections of the Parramatta fan base, claiming nepotism was behind his rise to first grade. Speaking for the first time since switching clubs, the 20-year-old said he had become better at filtering out the hate.

“Early in my career, it affected me a bit,” Arthur said.

“I was reading the comments, reading every message I got. I quickly learnt to stay away from that and just focus on what I can do.

“At the end of the day, if we’re winning games then no one is saying anything … I didn’t even know it was happening, I’ve stayed away from [the online reaction to the switch of clubs].
Manly Sea Eagles recruit Jake Arthur.

Manly Sea Eagles recruit Jake Arthur.CREDIT: MANLY SEA EAGLES

“I guess that’s just footy, that’s all part of it.”
Arthur, who has made 20 appearances for the Eels, said the move would result in less footy talk with his father.

“He has been making the joke that now I will finally speak to him, because I don’t speak to him at training,” he said.
A young Jake Arthur wore Sea Eagles colours when his father Brad was an assistant coach at the club.

A young Jake Arthur wore Sea Eagles colours when his father Brad was an assistant coach at the club.

“It will be good that he can be on the outside, he won’t be telling me what to do footy-wise and just be that [father] figure.

“It’s a good opportunity to be uncomfortable. Whenever you’re uncomfortable, it’s a good opportunity to grow and get better.”

Arthur grew up as an Eels fan, but cheered for Manly when his father was an assistant coach in 2013. Aged just 11 at the time, he was a regular at training, where he would kick balls back to Daly Cherry-Evans, the man he has come to either play alongside or replace while the Maroons skipper is on interstate duty.

“Me and my brother always loved footy, so we would come to the captain’s run sessions here when we didn’t have school,” he said.


Manly Sea Eagles five-eighth Josh Schuster.

NRL 2023

‘I can be the best player in the game’: Schuster

“He was always good to us, he was always kicking footies to us. He’s always been good.”
Arthur wore a Manly jersey to the team’s semi-final in 2014, but said it felt surreal wearing those colours again after arriving at the club on Monday.

“All I’ve worn is Parramatta for most of my life,” he said. “It was a bit strange putting it on this morning.”


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He can’t tackle that’s my biggest issue with him.
He's had a few bad moments in defence so far, but no more than Weekes, and people were happy to give him another chance. Let's see how it plays out, I won't be surprised if we surprise the Knights. :)


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They're the worst of the worst, you only have to watch their carry on behind the fence when the opposition scores a try, they need to install toothscan technology and stop them at the gate, that would restrict at least 80% of them👍
Mate, you should have grabbed that umbrella from the woman that whacked for the next time you go to Bankwest and they spit on you.



I've never really heard him speak before. Pretty impressive. It will be interesting to see what the Eels fans do when we play them.
Do they boo him or do they move on.
There will be snipers in the stand, all the ferals wanted to do was bag him in blue and gold, the attacks will become even more vicious for him having the audacity to move to their natural enemy Manly


Journey Man
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There will be snipers in the stand, all the ferals wanted to do was bag him in blue and gold, the attacks will become even more vicious for him having the audacity to move to their natural enemy Manly
There will always be snipers hunting down any of us at any time
As no one can please every one feathered friend

So we should all endeavor to take this William Shakespear philosophy
and Walk Away in Peace Winners !


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I suppose this situation really opens your eyes to the damage online trolling and abuse can do. Good luck to the kid hope he really flourishes here and maybe we all should stop and think next time we want to hurl online abuse at a player or coach and what damage it can do. Not proud of things I've said over the years at players and coaches so it's time to have some respect.


Kim Jong Dan
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Seems like a good kid and making good moves for his career. Good thing is he can come with the "Manly Hates you too" attitude.

Good luck to him, hope he finds his feet and success here

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