Is Des Hasler Blind?

UFO Hunter
Post Match Quote:

Manly coach Des Hasler said Orford belongs in a NSW jersey, while Stewart would only be denied by Anthony Minichiello because the Sydney Rooster has a wealth of experience.

"I think this bloke (Orford) has put his hand up," said Hasler.

Maybe a few too many :drunk: :drunk: :drunk: :drunk:
like i said elsewhere, Orford is definately improving with some nice touches, but im not sure if Des should get too carried away just yet. Having said that he is supporting his player and most likely OX was sitting next to him at the time LOL
UFO Hunter
Yeah, agree. He looked better, but he hasn't put his hand up IMO.

I can imagine the question being asked and Dessy is sitting next to him and he says, "nup, reckon Noddy'll get it for sure"
Orford was marginally better tonight than he was last week.. i said a few weeks ago that i was concerned about him coming back early.. at the time I wa more worried about his long term future but I also said he wasn't needed right now and wasn't sure why the rush.
Journey Man
He has started to create tries again, and is impressing with defence (Orford). He's only played 4 games this year. Playing origin will take him to a new level.
First Grader
Orford played much better tonight. Did anyone watch Noddy play last night? If so how did he go?
UFO Hunter
He went pretty well byso. If I had to compare him to Orford though I'd say they both had a similar game.
whats Des thinking?

Lyon at 5/8 does not work.. hes one of the best centres in the game.. and the game against Canberra in the 2nd half proved that.

Ballin best hooker at the club.. dropped.

Monaghan not a good hooker imo. I think he should be in the halves.

Burns 12 minutes? for (censored) sake. Monas is leaving... you drop ballin and give burnsy 12 minutes. Lets get rid of them all and play Dunley at hooker and Lyon at 5/8

Wake up Des.

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