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Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Canteen Worker, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. Canteen Worker

    Canteen Worker Well-Known Member

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    I think it is delightfully ironic that White Stripes Supporters site exists because of a blundering decsion by some boofhead in the Manly club to abolish the General Discussion forum on MSE, though a few years before that it had been set up to get other talk away from the Footy forum. A few months too late the General Discussion forum was re-established but it has basically been a cemetery as far as use and interest. (Maybe that is what the club wanted - but many long term fans were 'cheesed off' as a result.)

    Silvertails exists because of the inability of the then owner of One Eyed Eagle site to moderate a total fool with the nic 'The Oracle' who was either a plant or endorsed to make infantile and peurile comment. The irony of this is that owner is now in the fold of the Manly Sea Eagles as website developer.

    This little fiasco, along with Manly contravening the Season Ticket Holder agreement indicates to me that there may be a bit of a siege mentality in the management of the club. (though I note the poor publicity through the media from Rooster supporters in the last week has meant that the club has done a massive back-flip on this.)
  2. Matabele

    Matabele Well-Known Member

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    ineptitude fosters ineptitude.
  3. ManlyBacker

    ManlyBacker Winging it Staff Member

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    Mediocrity will not be tolerated!
  4. Dan

    Dan Kim Jong Dan Staff Member Administrator 2016 Tipping Competitor 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    funnier still is now the some of the major fan sites are considering not covering nay Manly content
  5. Fro

    Fro Well-Known Member

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    I think its a bit sad actually, that a couple of ridiculous decisions can lead to this.

    Be it on their own heads.

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